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How to Save GIFs from Twitter

On Twitter, a world's popular social media platform, you will discover lots of media content for entertaining today, including images, videos, and GIFs. People use GIFs to give responses to messages and leave them as comments under others' posts. Twitter even developed itself to be smart, providing a powerful GIF search engine so that users can easily find the GIFs they need to use in the proper situation.

Although there are tons of funny GIFs uploaded and used on Twitter, are there any ways for us to make them available for offline usage? Today, we will guide you to save GIFs from Twitter to both your computer and mobile phone so that you can use them in more situations outside Twitter.

Save GIFs from Twitter on Computer

Step 1. Go to Twitter and browse the tweet which contains the GIF that you want to save offline.

Step 2. Do a right-click on the GIF, then an option will come out for you to choose, which is "Copy video address" or "Copy GIF address". Just click it and copy the link of the GIF.

copy gif address

Step 3. Now go to EZGIF and go to its "Video to GIF" page. Here you can directly paste the link of the Twitter GIF you just copied from Twitter into the video URL box provided on EZGIF. Then also press the "Upload Video" button.

ezgif paste twitter gif url

Step 4. When the GIF content is uploaded, continue hitting the "Convert to GIF" option to convert the GIF to a real GIF file (on Twitter, GIFs are also considered as video files).

ezgif convert to gif

Step 5. When the conversion is over, you will see the converted GIF generated by EZGIF. Now you only need to right-click the GIF and then save it to your computer directly.

ezgif save gif

Save GIFs from Twitter on iPhone

Step 1. Go to App Store and download an app called GIF wrapped to your iPhone at first.

iphone download gifwrapped

Step 2. Open Twitter, and then browse for reaching the tweet you want to save GIF from.

Step 3. Click the GIF for opening it, then there is a share icon set in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click the icon and then select "Share Tweet via...">"Copy Link".

save twitter gif iphone 1

Step 4. Now, go to GIFwrapped, and you need to paste the link of the Twitter GIF to the search bar. Then the GIF will be moved to this app. 

Step 5. Click the GIF and then the provided share icon under the GIF. Now, choose the "Save to Library" option and you can successfully save the Twitter GIF to your iPhone library.

gifwrapped save gif to library

Save GIFs from Twitter to Android

Step 1. Install an app called Tweet2GIF from the Play Store to your Android device.

Step 2. Go to Twitter and find the GIF you want to save for offline usage on Android. 

Step 3. Click the GIF for opening, and you should press the share icon at the bottom to choose the "Copy Link" option.

Step 4. When you copied the link of the GIF, go to Tweet2GIF and paste it to the bar provided in Tweet2GIF.

Step 5. When Tweet2GIF provides the "Download GIF" icon to you, directly hit it and you can save the GIF to your Android mobile phone easily.


The above ways are so easy to handle and allow everyone to save GIFs from Twitter no matter what devices they are using. A small tip here for you is to convert GIFs to PDF so that you can organize them in order and access for watching at any time you want. This prevents you from spending lots of effort to find a GIF you need from an abundance of GIFs every time and waste much time.

In Conclusion

Saving GIFs from Twitter is not difficult no matter what devices you are using, computer, or mobile phone. If you need more GIFs for using to chat with your friends online, Twitter can be a platform where you can discover a lot and save them easily.

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