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How to Schedule a Social Media Posts

Scheduling the content helps you to measure the posts' effects and test its visibility. Therefore, when publishing your posts, remember the target group and your goals.  

Keep in mind what I mentioned in the introduction. Preparing an appropriate plan, it takes long research, but it saves time. Regular sharing of content means that we do not have to think about what post we will put for the next day, and thanks to our regularity, we attach recipients to ourselves, and we have a calmer mind. 

I have prepared points for you that will help you in creating a schedule for publishing posts on social media. 

Find your target audience. 

Before you start planning prepared content, think about who your target group is and who you want to address your words to. This is a rule that is often forgotten and the most important. Consider whether you want to reach young mothers, parents, businessmen, or large corporate companies. 

If you already know your target group, set a goal for yourself because it targets you when creating content and topics that you will focus on. Remember! Set a goal (s) that you can achieve. If you want to get new users or customers, pay attention to the statistics and data that will show the weekly or annual growth on your website or fan page (the time depends on you). 

Track your content and materials

This is the right time to track whether or not your posts are popular. It may happen that the content does not reach your audience and it takes a lot of time to create it, which you could spend on more useful content. However, don't be afraid to take risks and test your content and audience. Do not lose faith and vigor. An idea that seemed very good to you may turn out to be a big failure. And this experience will be a sign for you that maybe you should change the content, stop publishing this type of content, or change the time you release it. 

Also, pay attention to what your recipients need. Send them a survey, ask a question on your fan page, show them that you are listening to them, that their opinion and needs are important to you. 

Helpful tools for tracking content and measuring your results are, for example, Google Analytics, but also a platform like Sotrender, which allows you to analyze your content on social media, paying attention to your audience's needs, reach, and involvement. 

And if you do not have the so-called "Inspiration," it is worth checking from time to time what your recipients (but also people around the world) are looking for on social media. The tool that will help you with this is Google Trends. 

What is your goal?

I mentioned this before, but the goal deserves a separate paragraph because it is the main topic you are striving for. Exactly? What is your goal?

- Acquiring new recipients

- Increased website traffic 

- Acquiring and collecting new e-mail addresses for your database

Make your list, think about whether the goals are measurable and achievable, and then try to achieve them. 

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  • Don't attack your audience.

Living in a world of ads that attack us, it's hard to separate a good post from a simple pushy sale. When publishing your materials, remember the three most important points:

- Check carefully what you publish (it is worth publishing viral posts that your recipients will publish on their profile - thanks to this, you will increase your reach and credibility. 

- Showcase your product

- Get your audience's interest 

By implementing these points, your audience will become attached to you, your brand and will stay

with you for longer. 

  • Plan your entries 

When planning the schedule of social media posts, below I have mentioned some social media management tools, with your little interaction will publish the planned posts for you.   


This is the best product that offers you to schedule IG posts. Additionally. They streamline social media workflow for agencies and clients.


It is a tool that allows you to manage your profiles from one account. Thanks to this, you can plan the posts you want to put on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the exact time in your Panel. 


In addition to monitoring the activity of your posts on social media, this tool also allows you to plan your posts. You can test the free version, which allows you to schedule posts on 3 profiles.

  • How often to post on social media 

Unfortunately, if you are waiting for a specific answer, I have to let you down because I don't have one for you. It is impossible to tell what time or day is the perfect one, as many factors influence it. The first is the target audience that you want to reach. 

Holidays and all other events are other important factors. This should also be taken into account in promotional matters. For example, when Black Friday applies, you should also reward your customers or users and give them a discount or gift. 

  • How you will reach your audience 

In the last paragraph, I wanted to focus on the platforms where you share your posts. The important thing is to carefully plan your posts and the style you want to use. Creating an Instagram or Twitter account is very simple; putting your logo there is even easier, but remember that these pages must be alive. If you publish something very rare, your audience will forget about you. 

Think carefully about which channel will motivate your audience and which channel you will focus all of your sales on (of course, this does not have to be mutually exclusive, and you can combine it). 

Below, I have prepared my suggestion for publishing posts on various platforms for you:

FACEBOOK (1 or 2 posts per day every day)

INSTAGRAM (1 or 2 posts a day every day) and Instastories, which are the best to publish every day 

LINKEDIN (1 post daily)

When creating your schedule, remember that social media is a very dynamic medium that needs to be watched carefully.

Sujain Thomas
Sujain Thomas
Sujain Thomas is a leading blog writer and expert travel photographer. She has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Home Improvement, and Photography, etc.
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