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How to Select A Commercial Washing Machine

Commercial Washing Machine

Commercial washing machines are an essential part of any hotels, hospitals, and spas if you want to keep up with the high volumes of washing. From size and capacity to energy rating and spin speed, selecting the right commercial washing machine based on your requirements is far from easy. That's why we've done the hard work and put this guide together to make sure you choose the washing machine that meets your commercial laundry needs, no matter how big, small, or busy they might be. Read on for insight on how to select the best commercial washing machine.

  • Familiarize yourself with brands

It's good to be familiar with the brands available in the market. Commercial washing machine brands include; Bosch, LG, Miele, Electrolux, Maytag, Samsung, and other brands that are available both in the online platforms or the physical market if you want to buy a washing machine. Your chosen brand will depend on your needs. These machines are generally pretty expensive, so it's a good idea to go for products from well-known brands for quality machines that will last a while. RichardJay has different brands of commercial washing machines available for sale.

  • Consider the loading type

You need to decide if a top load or front load washing machine will suit your needs. Top load washing machines are more convenient and easy to load and unload than their front-load counterparts. However, they use more water and thus consume more energy. Front-load washing machines have the best performance overall because they are energy efficient and use the least amount of water. However, front load machines cannot be moved around during the wash process, and you cannot add clothes. But they spin faster and leave your laundry drier.

  • Consider your space

How much room do you have? How much space will you need to load and unload the machine or open the door or lid? How much free space you have to move around with a basket of wet clothes? Is access to water, electricity, or gas points restricted? You need to measure the dimensions of your space and consider it when shopping for a new commercial washing machine. You may find a front loader to be a better option if you're tight on laundry space as you can more easily wall-mount or stack your dryer. The majority of front loaders are designed to fit in standard cabinet space so that they can be installed under a benchtop.

  • Consider the washing machine capacity

Capacity refers to the size of the washing machine's tub. Your wash load, frequency of usage, space requirements, and budget constraints will determine the machine washing capacity. The capacity of the washing machine is generally measured in kilograms of your dry clothes. Choosing a bigger capacity can help save time, money, energy, and reduces the number of times you do your laundry. You should also consider buying a washing machine with a large capacity if you wash big items like curtains and sheets.

  • Check the energy star ratings

 You need to look for the energy star rating if you're looking to save water and electricity. All washing machines carry a label that indicates their energy rating. This label is written in a series of stars with a number that tells you the overall kilowatt it uses to run per hour. The more stars on the washing machine, the more energy-efficient. However, you can only compare star ratings between washing machines of the same capacity. Big machines may well have more stars than smaller ones and will consume more power overall in a year.

  • Consider the tub material

Washing machine tubs are built using porcelain-coated, plastic, and stainless steel. Porcelain-coated is the most common. Many of the higher-end models use a plastic tub because it lasts the life of the machine. The very best models will use a stainless steel tub. The choice of which tub material to choose is entirely up to you.

  • Ask experts for referrals

How do you identify the best commercial washing machines and the best suppliers to serve your needs? First, ask around. You can ask for recommendations from previous users, or you check online for reviews. Talk to customers, operators, and laundry technicians to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly about different lines of commercial washing machines and their suppliers. Contact laundry equipment dealers to find out what they recommend.

Where Can You Buy Commercial Washing Machines?

We advise you to buy the commercial washing machine from a reliable dealer or outlet where you can get quality and durable machine. Contact companies today if you're planning to buy a commercial washing machine. We serve several markets and can help you choose the right model and mix of laundry equipment for your store. 

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