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How to select a reading club for your kids?

Reading books has an enormous impact on children. First of all, books help expand vocabulary, understand speech, catch difficult words, etc. It also helps develop imagination, creativity, and open up a new world to them. Reading develops critical thinking and makes a person think overall and widen their consciousness. And finally, books help find ourselves and find answers to a lot of questions on your own. 

Considering all these factors, parents know that it is highly important to nourish love towards reading from an early age that’s why most of them are looking for the best reading clubs for their children. These clubs help prepare children for school and enter life. 

To determine and identify the right reading club for kids is not that easy. You should look at several factors that will help make up your mind. Reading clubs like Bear Club promises to deliver a solution tailored to your kids considering age, skills, interests, and much more. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the main factors that can assist parents to find a reading club for their children. Let’s get started. 


What to look at when choosing a reading club subscription?


  1. Offer 

Usually, most of the reading clubs offer bare reading solutions, however, for children, it is not that interesting. You have to catch their attention. Long texts will never do that. Consider choosing a reading club that does not cover the same thing to everyone without taking into account age, interests, and much more. General solutions will not only disappoint your kid but also make him/her start hating the reading process. Be mindful.

  1. Age-based solution

Many reading clubs started offering bundles or offers based on age. This is a really good practice because various age groups have different language levels and interests. For example, younger kids need more illustrations in the books than the older ones. But even age is not crusted, people are not the same. One child might have higher skills than the other, or one can understand better than the other. So don’t just look at the numbers, also look at your kid’s capabilities. 

  1. Pricing

For sure, pricing is included in our list. There are a lot of cheap offers on the internet that don’t end up well because usually, parents remain dissatisfied either with the book quality or customer support, etc. To avoid these kinds of consequences, you’d better look at reputable companies that offer budget-friendly deals. Sometimes there are even hot offers that you shouldn’t skip. Don’t just choose the cheapest solution, this is the question of raising a literate child. 

  1. Club content

The next step after the pricing is the content of the package. Well, as I said, only books full of a lot of texts are not enough to draw your child’s attention to books and nurture love towards reading. To make these bundles more interesting some reading clubs include nursery songs in them, various animals, games, books with nice illustrations, worksheets to practice focus, phonics books to improve pronunciation and ensure fluent speaking skills, flashcards of the focus, playing cards with newly learnt words to practice memory and a lot more. See, there are a lot of options to look more thoroughly. 

  1. Personalised approach

As we told earlier, clubs with a general approach to every child is not the right solution. People and especially children have different views on different things and catch the world differently. So it is highly important to find and/or create a child-specific solution. This is not to look at the age barely, but also hobbies, friends, interests, passion, etc. At an early age, children have the biggest capability to develop their inner world, you as a person have to help your kid find his/her hidden talents and true self. 

  1. Reviews 

Like in everything else, reviews matter the most. Look at the packages, learn about the company, but always look at what others talk about your chosen reading club. Trust us it is not that difficult especially in this digital era. 


We hope that these 6 tips will help you find the best reading club for your child. Start digging and you will definitely discover what your kid needs. Nourish love to read right now. 


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