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How to Select Jewelry for Men?

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Even though jewelry is generally associated with women across the world, the scenario is slowly changing with even men adorning ornaments in everyday wear and on special occasions alike. There’s a whole variety to choose from too – right from earrings/studs to chains, bracelets, cufflinks, and rings. Among them all, rings are usually considered to be a favorite choice among men and even women looking to gift jewelry to men.

They lend a minimalistic look (which most men generally prefer), are extremely comfortable to wear at work (you’d hardly even remember it’s there on your finger), cost-friendly, and durable.

Here we talk about some simple things to remember when choosing a piece of jewelry for your man and why wooden rings have become immensely popular as a gifting choice.

Few Tips on Choosing Jewelry for Men

Women are generally less confident about buying something for their man, perhaps because they can be slightly difficult to please. And it could be even more difficult if you choose to buy jewelry for them. A few tips to help you out here –

  1. Be clear on what they like – Men have clear, specific preferences and it’s always a good idea to know what they like and what they exactly want before heading out to the store. Saying something like “I want something for my husband/partner” may not be a great way of approaching things. Be clear on what they like and what is it that you want for them.

    For instance, it might be a good idea to know in advance their taste in terms of color, style, design, and even metal type. One standard piece shown by the salesperson may not necessarily work for all. 
  2. Be clear about your budget – Sometimes you may like something which looks like an exact fit for your partner but it may not fit into your pocket; the whole effort might go waste. So look for stuff that might match both the mentioned requirements.
  3. Always go for a trusted store or portal – Trust is extremely important when it comes to buying a precious metal such as jewelry. It’s a big investment and, in this case, a gift for your loved one too. You've got to be sure about who you’re relying. 

    You might want to talk to some trusted people, maybe family or friends, to help you find a trusted jewelry store. When buying online, study reviews of the top-known websites and then zero in on the ones you find most reliable.
  4. Know some basic details yourself – It’s important to know enough, about just so much so you can ask the relevant questions about your purchase to the salesperson. Basically, don’t give the other party a chance to take you for a ride just because you’re completely unaware of the current rate, metal composition, or other important stuff that goes into buying jewelry.

What Best to Buy in Men’s Jewelry?

Now that you’re all set to enter the store or go online with confidence, let’s see what the best buy for your man could be. As mentioned earlier, rings are always a great choice; you can’t afford to go wrong on this one.

The one type which is doing the rounds mostly online (on shop sites like Amazon and eBay) is wooden rings. They have a lot of amazing features, some of which we’ve listed below for your reference, which is attracting men and women alike. 

Why Are Wooden Rings So Popular?

  1. An unconventional choice – When you think of gifting someone, you’d want it to be unique and special. Wooden rings are just that – different from the usual engagement/wedding band your man might be adorning and good enough to be added on to their hand as well. They look ethnic, earthy and minimalistic, and are sure to grab the attention of onlookers.
  2. Highly affordable – A wooden ring is pocket-friendly too when compared to other precious metals like gold, silver, diamond, or platinum, and precious gems too.
  3. A safe bet – If your man is usually on travel or sits late nights at work, wearing a gold band may involve a huge risk of attracting unwanted attention. Instead, a wooden ring is safe to wear while looking classy too.
  4. Large variety – Wooden rings come in various compositions – sandalwood, ebony, mahogany, cherry wood, rosewood, acacia wood, almond wood – and in numerous designs too. You’d be spoiled for choice here!
  5. High quality assured – Wood, especially the likes of sandalwood or rosewood, are considered to be long-lasting so you’ve nothing to worry about the quality as well.

To Sum UpWhy go for costly gold jewelry, wearing what is never free of stress, too, when you can opt for classy yet funky and economical wooden rings? Look up one at your nearest online store today!

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