How To Select Mercedes Benz Bull Bar For Your Car


Mercedes Benz is a classy automobile manufacturer but with class, they never compromise on the safety and quality of their cars. So, they have bull bar in front of their bonnet to protect you from any lethal accidents. However, if you have purchased a car without a bull bar, you don't have to worry. Many suppliers will provide you with Mercedes Benz bull bar at an affordable price. Most of the cars by Mercedes comes with a bull bar. However, sometimes due to the low budget of the consumers or accident, these bull bars are absent or gets damaged, respectively. A bull bar is a protection and is designed to tackle toughest conditions. A bull bar may weigh up to 35 kgs in weight and reduce the impact during a front-off collision. So, it is must-have equipment for your safety and hence we discuss how you can select a bull bar for your car that best suits your budget and goes well with the appeal.

Why select a genuine Mercedes Benz bull bar

Before we jump right into how to select, let us first address the elephant in the room. The major issue that most of consumers face is the authenticity of the bull bar. While there are many replicas of Mercedes Benz bull bar, none of them match the qualities of the genuine one. A genuine bull bar is created by this highly desired car manufacturer in the world with high-quality welds and superior finish. They are also tested with dummy animals for their durability. Some of the high-class bull bars have airbags, front camera, and front parking sensors as well, and you will never get these features in the copied makes. Moreover, you will get a hint when you physically inspect the bull bar. The quality is trodden and has visible marks of welds. However, inspecting is not possible when you are purchasing online. Therefore, we have listed a few tricks to help you get a genuine and best-suited bull bar for your car.

How to select a bull bar

The selection of a Mercedes Benz bull bar depends entirely on your car specifications and your budget. You may find many options in a similar range of your budget but they may not match the specifications of your car. So, you have to be pretty careful in this matter. Moreover, Mercedes Benz is a renowned brand, and expecting a very low price for its parts will be foolish. So, make sure of your budget before even searching for a Mercedes Benz bull bar.

Bull Bar



Here is a list of selecting a bull bar best suited for your car:

  • Before you go and start searching for the bull bars online, make sure you have the basic requirements known to you. For instance, you must know the year of the make, model name, and number along with the front chassis configuration.
  • It's okay if you don't know the chassis configuration but you must alternately know the year in which the car was made. Once you know that, you can find basic specifications from the internet. Once you have done your research, it is now time to find the best-suited bull bar for your car.
  • Bullbars are available in steel and stainless steel material. However, recent development has introduced carbon fiber bull bars as well. Stainless steel and steel are tough and weigh much heavier than carbon fiber. But due to the lower costs, carbon fiber is also preferred.
  • Once you have decided on the material of the bull bar, you need to select a brand. There are many brands compatible with Mercedes Benz but the most popular is the Aries. New players have also emerged for which you can also take a look at them.
  • Lastly, you should choose the color of Mercedes Benz bull bar and make sure that it complements the exteriors of your car. Currently, the most popular choices are steel grey and black, but some brands are renovating new colors to add to the aesthetics.

Now, as you have completed all the steps, you can look forward to purchasing a brand new bull bar for your Mercedes Benz. You can also check for customer reviews to evaluate the bull bar that you've selected.

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