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How To Select The Best Aluminum Extrusion Company That Matches Your Needs

The fabricating process of extrusion can be completed using many metals, plastics, and other materials. However, aluminum's distinctive properties like high ductility, structural strength, and the raw material's excellent price make it the most widespread choice for extrusion.

The utilization of aluminum extrusions has significantly increased in the past two decades, with aluminum being used for over half of all extruded metal products in present-day industries.

Aluminum extrusion is quite similar to squeezing out a paste from a tube, pushing aluminum alloys through precisely shaped dies to create original end products and components from aluminum.

This metal fabrication technique provides an extensive list of benefits and advantages to businesses, including:

  • offering a broad spectrum of doable designs to manufacturers in nearly any size and shape;
  • wide array of finishing options;
  • the material is lightweight and super strong;
  • the final products are always cost-effective and environmentally friendly. 

For that reason, aluminum extrusions are so popular that they are actually applicable in almost all industries you can imagine, from automotive and construction to electronics, robotics, and many more.

So what do you do if you need a high or low volume of aluminum extrusion profiles that need to be cut in a certain way? You turn your attention to companies that offer top-quality extrusion services at very competitive prices. 

And how do you select the right extruding company that matches your needs? We're here to help you with that. Read along and find more about the most important things you should have in mind when searching for the perfect partner in this industry.

Outsourcing Of Aluminum Extrusions 

The thing is, not one of the companies and corporations that utilize extruded products in their everyday operations has an in-house manufacturing facility and production plant. They all outsource the needed parts and components from third-party aluminum extruding companies that exclusively work this job and have millions of dollars invested in highly-sophisticated extrusion technology and machinery.

To get a clearer picture of where the ‘giants’ outsource from, you should know that the consumption of extruded aluminum products is concentrated in China, which accounts for 61% of the global volume, according to Statista. Just for comparison, Europe and North America are responsible for 12% and 9% of global consumption, respectively.

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China has hundreds of highly renowned aluminum extrusion companies that turn raw aluminum alloys into pre-specified shapes to meet their clients' needs for living. Afterward, they ship the final products to their clients who use the extruded products in their everyday business, whether they're in construction, vehicle production or robotics.

How To Find The Right Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer?

When you need a specific aluminum extruded product for your next big project, finding the right supplier is a critical step of the process. 

Suppose you fail to do your homework and decide to work with the first manufacturer who’s going to offer their services to you. In that case, you could unintentionally put your project in the hands of so-called professionals, only to end up with finished goods that have flaws, get delivered late, or cost more than their actual market price.

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For that reason, we’ve compiled the following tips on finding the appropriate aluminum extrusion company so that you can make an in-depth comparison as to what each one offers, followed by choosing the one that matches your needs.

  • Conduct thorough research. Thoroughly research the top aluminum extrusion manufacturers on your provisional list to understand their professional capabilities better. Only work with companies that offer both standard and customized services, offer competitive prices and guarantee on-time delivery.
  • Ask for customer referrals. Before selecting the manufacturer for good, ask them to provide customer referrals. Suppose the company’s reputable enough and did a lot of successful work throughout the years. In that case, the company’s representatives will have no problem providing names and contact information so that you can get first-hand feedback on professionalism, performance, and other vital aspects of the extrusion process.
  • Ask around. In case you have a network of dependable resources, including professional relationships with other companies that rely on extruded products, ask them what company they use. Most likely, some names will stand out, giving you the needed confidence in their capabilities.

What To Look For In Aluminum Extrusion Services?

Besides finding the aluminum extrusion companies that can help you with extruded parts for your next big project, it’s also imperative to know what to look for in them before you sign the contract. Once you narrow down your selection to that one company you believe is a perfect choice, here are the key factors you should consider before making the partnership official.

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  • Expertise. When selecting a company to go with, the number one priority is identifying a company that specializes in aluminum extruded parts and components. That doesn’t mean that the company shouldn’t do work with other materials like plastics; just make sure they’ve got all it takes when it comes to aluminum. 
  • Experience. It would be best if you also found a partner that has a long history of industry experience. Through years and years of work, a manufacturer can learn from previous mistakes and develop advanced strategic solutions. Thereby, make sure that the company you go with has the level of experience you need. 
  • They have sophisticated extrusion machinery. The type and caliber of the extrusion machines used to conduct the job are also significant factors. Unless the machines are top quality, manufacturing superior end-products will be a difficult task. Consequently, all extrusion companies on your final shortlist should only use the best and latest machinery available. 
  • Delivery time. Each company can make promises about delivery times, but the one you will select should have a long history of following through. Put differently, your prototype or finished product should be delivered to you on the exact predetermined date and not an hour after that.
  • Good prices. Even though we wouldn’t put pricing as the most critical consideration when selecting a new partner for aluminum extrusion, what you pay for quality parts should definitely be on this list. Clearly, you want to work with a company that can offer competitive rates without compromising on quality. 
  • Material quality. When working with aluminum, you want to assure that the company you will hire will use only the best aluminum possible. Your needs and necessities could also expand in the foreseeable future, so go with a manufacturer that can also do rubber and plastic extrusion.

Final Thoughts 

To wrap things up, the ideal aluminum extrusion partner should be easy to find, have the possibility to offer customer referrals from other ongoing clients, and have a name for themselves in the industry. They should also save you money, time, and efforts apart from providing you a comprehensive and practical manufacturing solution.

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Make sure to keep the above points in mind before selecting the best aluminum extrusion company that matches your needs, and you’ll most certainly end up building a long-lasting partnership with a reputable company from the industry. 

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