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How To Select The Best PDF Converter Tool

The most popular format used to upload content on websites is PDF. The reason for sites using this format is that only the owner can change it. This ensures that no one else can change the content and damage the website. However, there is a huge market for downloading PDF files and converting them to Microsoft Word. Users do it for a number of reasons. 

  • They may not have Adobe Reader on their computer
  • They find Word easier to use
  • They want to convert the PDF file and make changes in the converted text.

When you Google for a PDF converter tool, you will see several websites that offer this application. It's only after you do a conversion you might hit snags. The converted Word file does not appear as you expected. The format and font might have been changed. Or it does not contain the full content; to put it simply, the tool is unsatisfactory, and you need to go and try another tool to convert a PDF file to MS Word.

This can become quite a time consuming and frustrating, especially if you are pushed for deadlines and need a reliable application to do the job. You want the converter tool to convert the content while retaining the format as it is in the original content and not to skip any portion of the text. 

Yes, this does happen when you try and convert a very large PDF File. For example, you have found a research paper or a book that's in PDF. You have downloaded the content in PDF, and now you want to convert it into Word. Some PDF converter tools ask you to copy/paste the URL of the content from the site that you want to be converted to Word. Certain tools have file size limits, similar to what some text tools have. For example, if the word count exceeds 1000 words, a plagiarism checker will not check the document. 

Therefore, when you are using a make sure that you are not exceeding the word limit. That is, in case the tool that you are using has a word, or file size limit. In our rush to get work done, we tend not to read the fine print. This is exactly what happens when we are using any tool. We tend not to read the instructions. To avoid unnecessary hassle, we should read the limits of any PDF converter tool that we want to use. 

Other Options of PDF Conversion Tools

In some of the PDF converter tool sites, you will note that offer a number of ancillary tools also. The reason for this is that the website wants users to use their website for other functions also. Like some PDF to Word converter sites will offer Word to PDF conversion as well. Some will offer PDF edit, rotate, and compress options. 

One of the most frequently asked questions is 'How do I convert PDF to Word'. The simplest way to do this is to download Adobe Acrobat, and it has several applications and software to create, edit, manipulate, print and view files in Portable Document Format (PDF). If you have Adobe Acrobat on your computer, you will not require using any PDF converter tool. You can export a PDF file in word format in Acrobat. 

Since Adobe Acrobat is not a free tool, that's why there are so many websites that offer PDF converter tools, and most of them are free to use.

Watch Out for Limitations

When you use a PDF converter from any website, do make sure to check out limitations, if any. Remember, there is no so such thing as a 'free lunch'. The same rule applies to websites. Websites want traffic, and the more users that visit the site, the better it will rank. Another catch that most websites that offer free services will do is that they artfully guide users to visit other websites that are related to the site that you are using. Or they will entice you to use a tool for which you have to pay. 

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