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How to Select the Best Strategic Planning Consultant For You

You can use strategic planning to achieve your nonprofit or business goals and make changes happen in your business. Therefore, you must select the best strategic planning consultant for your nonprofit or business. The following are the top tips for choosing the best strategic planning consultant: 


Professional Expertise and Knowledge 


You should select an experienced, competent, and confident consultant. That is why you need to check the portfolio and educational background of the consultant before selecting one. For more info go to


Also, ensure the consultant is proficient in strategic planning. It is much better to choose an experienced consultant since the consultant can relate to your workers and use their experience to inspire trust and confidence in your workers. 


If your employees do not trust your consultant, they are less likely to adapt to the new strategies your strategic planning consultant will propose. This will make it difficult for your employees to adopt new strategies. 


Facilitation Skills


Strategic planning consultants guide businesses through processes leading to success. That is why you must ensure the potential consultant has solid facilitation skills. 


Facilitation is not only complex. It is also critical to the planning process. 


It is much easier for effective facilitators to identify comfort levels and personality types within the team of any business. Therefore, your facilitator will ensure your employees hear all perspectives during the discussions. Your consultant will spend more time discussing all the different perspectives with your employees. 


Additionally, effective facilitators will sometimes let your workers solve some problems on their own. These facilitators do not try to solve all the problems on their own since it is beneficial to let employees solve problems on their own. 


It is also important to know the leadership skills of the consultant. However, the consultant should have a balanced leadership style to avoid being overbearing or overwhelming. 


The best facilitators can tailor dialogue and questions with each employee to bring out the best in your employees and increase the confidence of your employees.


In short, facilitators motivate employees to adopt new changes required to implement new strategies. Once your employees adopt new changes, it makes it easier to implement new strategies in your business. 


Experience in Various Industries 


It is not only important to choose a consultant with experience in the industry you are in. It is also important to choose a consultant with experience in various industries. The best consultants are familiar with strategies that work in various industries, especially the ones outside of your industry. 


The experience allows the consultant to implement proven strategies from different industries. Therefore, your consultant can use these proven strategies in your planning process. 


In addition, you have to ensure you can understand your consultant, so avoid the ones with poor communication skills. Strategic planning consultants with years of experience in various industries are more curious and versatile, which is good for your business. 


Does What You Do 


You must make sure the potential consultant has gone through what you have gone through. The best consultants have personal experience in implementing the strategy, driving change, leading a nonprofit, and building a business. 


You have to ensure the consultant has implemented the strategy you want to implement before choosing them. If the consultant has implemented the strategy, the consultant will recommend workable and practical strategies to help you achieve success. 


You can go over the strategic plan with the potential consultant and go over the real-world opportunities, obstacles, and challenges confronting your strategic plan. The consultant can use their personal experience to guide you and offer the best advice on what you can do to achieve success. 


These are the best tips for evaluating, selecting, and working with the best strategic planning consultant. It is important to understand the skills of the strategic planning consultant to ensure you get a balanced perspective and a strong foundation for launching successful strategic planning processes.


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