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How to Select the Perfect Recording Studio in Delhi?

Delhi NCR is home to a variety of skilled musicians and artists. Be it concerts or jam sessions, the metropolitan is humming the music. Zeroing down on the perfect studio for your recording project can be baffling, and making an incorrect choice could burn a hole in your pocket. Stick to a few parameters discussed below to uncomplicate the process of selecting a recording studio in Delhi:

sound recording studio

1.The Recording Engineer

Look for a recording engineer who is trained and experienced, since this is one of the most critical aspects for a great recording. Every engineer has his own style and experience which influences the recording significantly. The engineer’s role is not just about using or operating the equipment or how to edit or improvise the musical tracks, it goes much beyond. To hunt for a good engineer, look for feedback from people who already recorded in that particular studio. Most studios provide a list of clients on their website for reference. Do a thorough homework cross-checking and reading feedback, and only then select a recording engineer.

2. The Facility

The environment of the sound recording studio matters as you spend several days working there for long hours. Selecting a sound recording studio that is well connected and has cafes/shops nearby can be a plus. While you hunt for a studio, the size of the studio also matters. The recording studio in Delhi should typically be large enough to hold your musical instruments or accommodate a team of 5-7 band members. A separate room for practicing your music peacefully can be a plus too. The acoustics are crucial for the sound outcomes you achieve. Visit the studio beforehand, listen to old music recordings produced at the studio, and then opt for the studio that appeals to you most.

3. The Equipment

For recording good music you need good high-quality gear. Umpteen number of websites today offer ample information about the gears. When it comes to recording your perfect video, its best to not take any chances with unknown gear. Read well about gear before approving it. Every fancy gear may not fit the bill. More often than not, the engineer uses only a select few gears on your project. An experienced recording engineer should be able to choose the right type of equipment for your recording, without your interventions.

4.The Cost

When it comes to recording, you don’t have to always spend more to get the perfect piece. You don’t really need a 10,000 square feet sound recording studio with all the fancy interiors, to bring out the perfect recording. Considering a recording studio in Delhi that is perfect for your requirements, geared up with the gears to your liking and has just the right amount of space within your budget.


Time and again musicians walk in believing they could demonstrate at a recording studio in Delhi early in the morning and walk out with a highly polished recorded, mixed and master 12 track CD by dawn, which does not happen in most cases. Putting everything in place and bringing out a well-rehearsed piece takes time, be patient, yet focuses and you will definitely achieve what you desire.

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