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How to select the right size of rugs

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Perhaps, many rug sizes are present in the rug store online or offline. But, how can you decide which one is right for you? Of course, you need some helpful ideas or foolproof tips to buy the right size. So, on rolling out the rug, it will sit perfectly in its place. In the rug stores, either online or in brick and mortar stores, of course, there is a salesperson who can guide you. But, still, your prior knowledge matters a lot.

Keep in mind that. Right size rug transforms the room. On the other hand, a wrong rug will add an odd effect and break the effect. No doubt a small rug will make your room messy. However, a larger rug is more inviting and appealing. For creating warmth, texture, style and vibes to your room, buying the right size rug is indeed worthwhile.

Rugs sizing tips before visiting a rug store online 

  • Bigger is best

Have you ever wondered that it's only a few inches that create a difference? These few inches can join or disjoin the look. Rugs are great pullers. They can pull your room towards the best and worst look. So, what you want is all available in the rug store online. But still, you need to know certain things. If you are confused, buying a bigger rug is better than the small one. So, follow bigger is a better approach.

  • Look at the room's layout. 

Room layout is another important factor. While buying a rug, make sure that the rug fits in the space. Buy a rug that is well oriented. For instance, for a larger area, buy a larger rug and vice versa. 

  • Imagine the final look. 

Measure with the help of tape. You can use painter's tape for this purpose. However, you can visualize the look. No doubt, strong imagination is worthwhile for this.

Rug Sizing by Room

Your room furniture and other decor elements also help you inf finding the right size rug. For this reason, take into account the size of rooms. Along with size note down the furniture as well. Measure the room and furniture. Probably this is your first. Keep in mind this step determines the entire look.

However, given below is the room-to-room rug sizing guide.

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  1. Living rooms

No doubt, for your living room, shape matters the most. For this reason, you have to measure all sides. Living room space analysis is essential. So that your entire space seems to be connected. However, for living rooms, you have three main layouts.

  1. All the furniture on the rug 

  2. Half on half 

  3. Only front legs on the rug

If you choose a pattern in which your sofa is placed above the rug. In this case, make sure that 6" space is left on all sides.

2.  Dining room

Before buying a rug for your dining room, notice everything. For instance, in the dining room, rugs are connected with both shape and space. If there is a round table, you have to buy a round rug, and in a rectangular table case, you have to buy the same shape. Make sure the rug and coordinate room well.

  • All Legs on the Rug

For dining rooms palace, the rug under the dining table. Make sure that the rug is quite larger. However, your rug should not extend 24" or not more than 36" along all the sides. Keep in mind that a rug only works well in the dining room if it allows a soft push of chairs.

3. Bedroom

Rug sizing for bedrooms is also equally important. For the bedroom, make your bed the main point. Try placing runners on both sides. However, you can also use a rug with a round shape as a focal point. Make sure that this place is meant for comfort, so buy accordingly.

  • Rugs under the whole bed

This all-inclusive design provides furniture that goes with the bed, such as bedside tables or a squad, but excludes bedroom pieces along other walls, such as wardrobes. We recommend extending the rug at least 18" – 24" beyond the edge of your bed. If possible, avoid allowing the rug to expand on any main paths.

4. Kitchen

  • Runner rugs

Runner rugs like contemporary rugs are great. They make the place most extended visually and also widen the look. You can use runners in kitchen galleries and islands.

  • The rug in front of a sink 

If you have a U shaped layout, you can add a small rug in the front of the sink. This will make the place nicer than before.

  •  The rug in the hallways 

Runners are a great choice for hallways. Try making your space clutter-free and less messy. Try to place all the furniture over the runner. This is a good idea.

  •  Runners in the entryways

Your entryways serve as the welcome notes for your home. However, the shape of the area determines the shape of the rug. For instance, you can use both round and rectangular shapes. But runner is the best choice for entryways. They are not less than a red carpet you have seen recently in a TV show.


Finally, you have a clear idea about rug sizing. But still, there is a lot to know before clicking on the rug store online. These are helpful online tips, but the end choice is all yours. You have to make a struggle. So that you can buy the right rug for your home.

The right rug is inviting and a great feeling because it's only you who will live in the place for a long time, so invest wisely. Never buy a rug in a hurry. So, you will not regret it afterward; last but not least, before taking size, the first and foremost thing is to find a good rug store online.

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