How to Self-Resurrect in Apex Legends?


Apex Legends has turned out to be a massive success amongst the battle royale fans and has managed to attract 10 million players in its first week after launch.

Compared to other games for the battle royale genre, Respawn managed to include all the key features to the title, but one of a unique addition to Apex Legends is the ability to revive your squad mate.

The game allows players to revive their teammates if they manage to grab on to the banner of the dead player in time. Also, the game includes a self-revive feature which could be executed before death.

As Apex Legends has gained a lot of traction amongst the battle royale community, players are excited to know about the new feature and how to use it. Well, using the self-revive function is not very simple to implement as it requires a particular item that players need to grab on to before they get killed.

This unique item namely legendry Knockdown Shield allows players to revive back into the game after getting killed. Still, this item is pretty rare in the game and mostly very hard to locate, but the air supply drops primarily consist of gold tire loot with legendary items.

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So your best bet to receive a legendary Knockdown Shield is by looting drops, or another alternative is to look for the Lifeline care packages as sometimes they also have the Shield inside. But the probability of the shield being inside the care package is far less likely.

Gamers can also try to check the hot zones and high-tire loot spawn which are scattered all across the map. Apex Legends provides players with a number of items having their unique abilities for players to have an extra edge in the match.

The legendary Knockdown Shield provides players with reviving abilities and allows them to try their luck one more time in the same match, which no other battle royale game has featured yet.

The Knockdown Shield requires a similar amount of time to activate in comparison with the time needed for reviving your squad-mate. The player has to be quite cautious while reviving oneself as enemies could knock you right back down.

Using this item can help an individual to eliminate other squads as you can spawn back and take revenge from the enemies. This feature is defiantly successful in providing complete new damnations to the battle royale genre and will prove to be one of the critical reasons for players to stick with the title.

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