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How to Send Gift to Shanghai China Online

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Do your guys have friends in China? If it's your friend's birthday and you want to give them a surprise, how would you choose a gift?

For this reason, I searched all over the internet for websites where I could send gifts to China. Firstly, I went through a few Chinese e-commerce platforms online and tried to purchase some items from them. The process was nevertheless quite troublesome.

After that I checked out some websites that deliver cakes and flowers directly to China, however, the majority of the cakes and flowers were of poor quality and I personally did not find them to be appealing. After going through some extensive research, I finally found a helpful website called SammyGift. The website is in English, the customer service and product description are in English, God, I finally found a website that perfectly meets my requirements.

So according to the patient guidance of the customer service, I placed an order in this online store, by the way, this store is also very easy to pay, after selecting the items you want, fill in the recipient's address phone number and the contents of the greeting card, and then use PayPal to pay directly, and there is no additional shipping costs and so on.

The flowers arrived very quickly, the quality of the flowers also rather I am very satisfied, according to my good friend, the flowers are very fresh, smell fragrant, a look is the morning freshly made, very good, the packaging is very beautiful, the roses and full of stars with the right match, the color of the wrapping paper is also very good, and also send two small bears. It's very beautiful, very beautiful, in kind with the picture is very great, my friend is very happy.

The next time will come back to patronize, hope that if you want to send a gift to a Chinese friend like me, you can come to this shop to choose a gift, the quality of the flowers is very good, before are afraid to buy flowers online for fear of not fresh, bought very satisfied after the next will patronize. 

Thank you Sammy, this is a pleasant shopping experience. Here are the pictures of the flowers and this website homepage.



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