How to Set a Shutdown Timer on Windows PC


Do you always forget to turn off your system? Here’s how to set a shutdown timer on Windows PC with the Task Scheduler and to write a Batch file in Windows.

Steps to Add or Create Task Scheduler

•    Go to Task Scheduler. You will get this option in Windows 7 and 8.

•    If you are using Windows 7, then go through the steps listed below:

1.    Press on the Start menu.


2.    Tap on the Control Panel window.

3.    Click on the System and Security option.

4.    Press on the Administrative Tools option.

5.    Tap on the Task Scheduler button.

•    If you are using Windows 8, then follow the steps listed below:

1.    Tap on the Windows key.

2.    Enter “Schedule tasks” in the search box.

3.    After that, choose “Schedule tasks” option which is given in the search window.

•    Press on the “Create Basic Task” button. It is located in the Actions pull-down menu given on the right-hand side of the screen.

•    You have to enter a title for the created task.

•    After that, press on the Next button to proceed to the next step.

•    Select the frequency to shut down the Windows PC. You need to choose “Daily” option located on the “Task Trigger” window.

•    After that, press on the Next button.

•    Select the “Start a program ” option. You will get this option on the “Action” window.

•    Press on the Next button to move to the next steps.

•    Type the location which you wish to place for the shutdown program.

•    Check the settings. By going to the Summary window, you need to check the settings to ensure that the chosen day is right.

•    Press on the Finish option for saving the task schedule.

•    Now, the Windows PC gets shut down automatically on the frequency which you have selected.

How to Write a Simple Batch File in Windows?

•    Go to the notepad by clicking on the Start menu.

•    Press on the All Programmers option.

•    Tap on the Accessories button.

•    After that, click on the Notepad button.

•    You have to copy the codes mentioned on the screen.

•    You need to convert the if %time%== into the time as per your wish.

•    Open the file and after that, click on the Save As option. Go through the steps given below:

1.    Now, you have to convert the “Save as type” section to “All Files” column.

2.    Enter the “timer bat” into the title of the file and after that, press on the “Save” button.

•    Click twice the file.

•    Enter “shutdown-a” into the section which shows on the screen.

•    After that, press on the Enter button.

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