How to setup a perfect smart bedroom to get some peaceful sleep


With the advancement of technology nowadays we are also able to set up our home in such a manner that even our home can also be really smart in many ways. So, in this guide I am going to share with you some amazing tips about how you can set up your smart bedroom which will not only be able to give you some really great good night sleep but also, it will be much more efficient than the traditional way of living.

To make your bedroom smart you have to buy some IOT devices which will benefit you to automate certain stuff in your bedroom and that will be really time saving and efficient.

Top smart home gadgets for bedroom

Google home

This is the very first smartphone device that you need for your home so that you can automate almost everything in your bedroom, and not just your bedroom. You will also be able to control the lights and fans of other rooms as well using a Google home. Basically, this is the very first device that you need for your smart home integration and this device will do the majority of work all you have to do is command Google assistant to do whatever you want it to do. For example, if you want the curtains of your bedroom to be open you can just say ok Google open the curtains. This device can also play music. It can control your air conditioner, your air purifier, literally everything.

Replace ordinary bulbs with Smart bulbs 

This is another one of the most crucial things to do in order to create a smart bedroom. Because if you won't be able to control your lights from your bed then you cannot call your bedroom a smart bedroom. So, I suggest you buy some smart bulbs which can be paired with Wi-Fi and you can simply tell your Google assistant or Alexa assistant to switch off the light or switch on the light. 

Get yourself and air purifier

There are many smart air purifiers in the market right now which will help you to get some really good air in your room. and if you live in a city then you need this air purifier more than anyone else because the air pollution is too intense in cities and this device will be able to purify your room air pretty easily. In my opinion you should go with the Dyson pure Hot air purifier because that air purifier can be controlled using Wi-Fi and you don't have to touch that device again and again you just have to tell your assistant to control it.

A Smart Air Conditioner

In India the summer is really intense and there is no doubt in that. The temperature goes more than 55°C in certain places in India and that is literally unbearable to live peacefully. So, it will be really beneficial for you to get yourself a smart air conditioner. A smart air conditioner can be controlled using your smartphone and also using your voice assistant as well all you have to do is command your assistant to set a certain temperature and that's it. There are many different kinds of smart air conditioner out there in the market, the most expensive one is split air conditioner and the second one is the window smart air conditioner. If you want a good smart air conditioner that too in a budget friendly range and with good power efficiency then I'll suggest you to go with a window smart air conditioner.

A good quality mattress

Smart bedroom needs a comfortable mattress that will give you the most comfort while sleeping. A good quality mattress is the soul of any bedroom. So, it is really important that you understand that you need a good memory foam mattress. And if you are a person who doesn't like to sleep on a soft mattress then I'll suggest you to go within an orthopedic memory foam mattress that will give you immense support to your back while sleeping. 

Buy some sleep monitoring devices

A Sleep monitoring device is really important for a smart bedroom. A smart bedroom should be able to tell you how much quality sleep you got last night. With the improvement of technology nowadays a smart device can not only suggest how much sleep you need but also it is able to give you practical advice which will benefit you in the long run. Smart monitoring devices can be expensive and if your budget is really small then I'll suggest you to go with the smartwatch under 10000 or 5000 which will help you to monitor your sleep along with it can also monitor your heart rate as well.

Use of Smart plug

If you want more automation then you can go with some smart plugs. A Smart plug will help you to automate even the charging of your phone. All you have to do is command your Google assistant or Alexa’s assistant to start charging your phone or even switch on and off your fans as well. Basically, a smart plug is able to turn a non-IOT device into an IOT device.


Setting up your smart bedroom will not only help you to make your day-to-day life more efficient and speedier. Also, it will help you to get some really good quality sleep every single day and night. A smart bedroom is that in which you can literally control everything just by lying down on your bed.