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How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Electric Sharpener- Complete Guide

How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Electric Sharpener

A chainsaw is an effective tool until it is sharp. But after repeated use, the sharpness of the chainsaw blade reduces. Then you need to use electric chainsaw sharpener to sharpen the blade. This article is about how to sharpen chainsaw with an electric sharpener.  The Timber Tuff chain-saw sharpener is a popular electric chainsaw sharpener that is used to sharpen the chain saw edges. You will also get all the basic information about timber tuff automatic chainsaw sharpener.

How to sharpen chainsaw with an electric sharpener

Before going to sharpen your chainsaw with an electric chainsaw sharpener you should have some basic idea about the sharpener. The electric sharpener is made in such a way that you can sharpen the chainsaw edges with a pitch range between 0.25 inch and 0.75inch. The electric sharpener is a bench mounted tool that has a very useful three-screw mounting system. With this system, you can mount the sharpener to any surface. This system makes it easier to use and much convenient to store anywhere. If you are using the timber tuff 12v chainsaw sharpener then you will get to know here how to use my timber tuff chainsaw sharpener and Timber Tuff vs Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener.

Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

A complete guide is given here which will help you to sharpen your chainsaw edges with the electric sharpener efficiently.

Step 1: Mount the Electric Sharpener to the Work Bench

For using the Electric sharpener, first of all, you have to mount it to a working bench. Put the base of the sharpener on the edge of your working tool or bench. Make proper alignment such that the stop situated at the middle of the base of sharpener aligns with work bench’s edge. Now you have to use the three screws of the sharpener and a drill machine to attach the sharpener’s base to the working bench. In the sharpener's base, you will find three screw holes that are made for use in mounting. Now plug your sharpener in.

Step2: Mounting the Electric Sharpener to the Wall

Take the vertical arm of your sharpener and hold it against the respective wall. Make sure that it remains below the eye level and the base extends outward from the connected wall. There is a screw hole at the middle of the vertical arm. Insert a screw through this hole and use a drill to tighten and secure.  Now you have to put a level before the sharpener's vertical edge and rotate the Electric sharpener until it is level properly. Now you are left with two more screws. Insert them through the two holes at both sides of the vertical arm of the sharpener. Make sure you secure them properly using the drill. After you are done with mounting, you can plug in the sharpener.

Step 3: Grinding the Sharpener’s Chain

With the original packaging of the chain, you will be provided with the information about the proper sharpening angle of the chain that is needed to use it effectively. Set the guides maintaining exact sharpening angle. You have to put the sharpener’s chain between the guides and the tooth will be aligned against the end.

In the middle of the sharpener’s rear guide, there is a guide set knob. Now hold this guide set knob and rotate it until you properly snug the guides against the sharpener’s chain. In the middle of the front guide, there is a clamping lever. To lock the sharpener's guides, push down the clamping lever.

You will find a feed screw placed on the left end of each guide. You have to rotate these feed screws to control the speed of the chain. The chain’s feeding through will increase or decrease by rotating the screw. Now match the vice angle and the top plate angle to the corresponding guide's angles. You will get these corresponding angles on the original packaging of the chain. Now make the grinding disk touch the first chain tooth by rotating it continuously. Now rotate the knob located at the right side of the grinding disc and set the depth of grinding.

Step 4: Sharpening the chainsaw with the Electric Sharpener

As you are done with the setup procedure, turn on the power button. Now you can start sharpening your chainsaw with the electric sharpener. You can use the handle to push down the grinding disc. Once the grinding disk reaches the proper depth, start raising it.  You have to sharpen each tooth of the chain by feeding it through the guides. Flip the direction of the chain in the guides and sharpen the teeth in reverse direction.

Performance of the Electric Sharpener

The performance of the electric chainsaw sharpener depends much on proper setup. Timber tuff CS-BWM manual that given with the sharpener seems to be not enough clear to many users. You may need to take help from the online manuals or YouTube videos on timber tuff chainsaw sharpener wheels. It is much better to take help from people who have already used this tool for crystal clear concept. Once you get the setup procedure and the technique of using it for sharpening your chainsaw, you will find it quite easier.
There are some limitations or risks that you may find while using the electric sharpener. Here are some tips that you may follow to get the best results from Timber tuff CS-BWM parts.

  • You may find a little chatter even if the device is not noisy. This can affect the position or depth of the set screw. You can try to protect the set screw using Teflon tape to prevent it from cutting too much deep.
  • As it is an electric corded sharpener, it can’t be used in remote places without electricity or generator.
  • Regularly sharpen the chain saw to get quick and jerk-free cutting otherwise it will be dull.
  • This is an efficient tool right out of the box that will save but money and time. But we must say it is not the perfect one for professional use.


If you use your chainsaw for a long time and forget about sharpening it properly when needed, the performance of the chainsaw will reduce. Hence electric sharpener is an important and handy tool to keep up the sharpness of the chainsaw. And you may trust on the Timber wolf chainsaw sharpener as the best electric sharpener.

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