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How to Ship Sport and Outdoor Gears from China to the USA?

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Sport and outdoor gears are popular with people in the United States. Thus, sport and outdoor gears are on great demand in the market. However, some of them are electronic products, which has great risks in the transportation process. If you have plans to import sport and outdoor gears from China to USA, then perhaps you would encounter some difficulties in this international shipment. But don’t worry. China Freight will handle this shipment for you.

Part1. Common customers’ complaints

  1. Cargo lost/damaged/delayed
  2. High transportation price and hidden consumption
  3. Poor customers service

Part2. About us and our solution

  1. Our price plans
  2. Our service plans

Part3. Our services

  1. Sea freight
  2. Air freight
  3. Customs clearance

Part4. How to ship sport and outdoor gears from China to the USA

Part5. Easy and stress-free transportation experience

Part6. Conclusion

Common Customers’ Complaints

The process for shipping from China to US is a long-time delivery and far route. There are great risks in this transportation process. And perhaps you would run into the following listed troubles.

Cargo Lost/Damaged/Delayed

Some electronic products would cause fire if they are heated or damaged. So how to pack them securely is very important. Due to negligence of packing or non-professional reinforcement, the goods will be detained by the destination port and a high penalty, which will affect the delivery time. Besides, those goods will be subject to customs inspection. After that, they should be restored well to avoid cargo delayed or damaged.

High Transportation Price and Hidden Consumption

The quote freight forwarder gives is always not the final quote before you place an order. There are some hidden prices inside, which will make you less competitive in the marketplace.

Poor Freight Forwarding Service

Have you ever been trapped in the trouble that your cooperative freight forwarders are always late in replying to your messages? Also, sometimes they overlook your bad emotions when waiting for your cargo delivery.

The above problems are commonly happening when you import sport and outdoor gears from China to the USA. In addition, it is worth noting that these high-power products should not be handled as general cargoes. If you want to know more details about it, please contact our freight forwarders to have a deep discussion.

About Us and Our Solution

China Freight, with nearly ten-years’ experience, now is a full-fledged freight forwarding agent with plenty of skilled freight forwarders. Its headquarters is located at Shenzhen, Guangdong province. With warehouses and officials set in coastal cities in China and the United States, China Freight enjoys a good reputation in the logistics industry.

For the customers’ complaints mentioned above, China Freight has its own solutions to provide customers an excellent shipping experience.

Our price plans

China Freight prefers to cooperate with big-scale, reliable companies in order to get a fairer and more transparent quote, which is also responsible for our customers. Besides, due to our large and stable cargo volume, we always could get a competitive quote for our customers when shipping from China to US.

Our Service Plans

Freight forwarders in China Freight are practised and veteran enough to manage international shipments after systematic training and experience in these years. So, for delicate articles, like products with battery, they are able to handle it easily. Furthermore, customer satisfaction is our supreme goal. We not only attach importance to pre-sale, in-sale service, but also have equal treatment of after-sale service.

Our Services

Sea Freight from China to the USA

Ocean freight is always the first choice for importers when shipping from China to US because of its advantages, like large capacity or reasonable shipping quote. There are two products in sea shipping: FCL and LCL. Flexibly using them could help you save cost as well as shorten the delivery time. For importing sport and outdoor gears, if they are enough to fill in a container, then FCL is recommended. If not, LCL meets your needs.

Air Freight from China to the USA

Air freight is an option that its transit time is inversely proportional to budget. Time required is short, then budget is high. According to its characteristic, we offer three types of air freight products:

Emergency air freight: This is the fastest option for shipping cargoes from China to the USA. It is expected that it only takes 2-3 working days. Thus, it is the best choice for your urgent goods.
Standard air freight: This is the perfect combination of transit time and budget. The price is reasonable and the shipping time is about 5-7 days.
Economical air freight: This is the most cost-effective option in air freight products. Even though its transit time would take more than 7+ days, this option is still attractive because of its economical price.

Customs Clearance

The process of US customs clearance requires skillful freight forwarders who are “scholars” in the field of the latest US customs policy. Freight forwarders are also well acquainted with customs officials, which could help the process ended quickly and smoothly.

Documentations required for this process are Packing List, Bill of Landing and Commercial Invoice, etc. While maybe there are some specific files needed for delicate goods, then discuss with your freight forwarder in advance.

How to Ship Sport and Outdoor Gears from China To USA?

It is known that Americans are fond of sports and outdoor activities, like jogging, fishing or skating, and so on. Then equipment when these activities occur is very necessary, like sports apparels and some protective equipment.

Products with battery are handled as delicate goods. Like a treadmill or elliptical machine, it is a high power product. If you are shipping by air with three or more electronic goods contained in your package, then you need to fill in the column, “Nature and Quantity of Cargo”, on the air waybill, as well as write down “Lithium Ion Battery” according to the requirements of Section 2 of PI 967.

If you’re unsure about this section of the air waybill, check with your cooperative freight forwarder. The air transport of lithium batteries shall meet the rules formulated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and comply with the “Technical Specification for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods” presented by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). There are some important points to be noted, which would become easier with the help of freight forwarder from China to US.

The most common products for sports and outdoor activities are sports apparel, most of which are textile, such as Training socks, running shorts, or yoga pants, etc. For importing textile, the US has its regulations. All textile products should have textile labels which are full of small texts, such as the country of origin, the fiber composition of the product and the company information. In addition, the label should be permanently affixed to the product and clearly identifiable during use. Under no circumstances should labels be placed out of sight or obscured in any way.

This is a complicated process if you handle by yourself. Freight forwarder from China to US is here ready to help you arrange your international shipment.

Easy and Stress-Free Transportation Experience

As a logistics company, we know that the process of arranging an international shipment is full of trivial affairs, which would be a headache for new importers, especially. So we are committed to fully understand the characteristic of your company and provide you with a customized service to meet your needs. Our freight forwarders are fully prepared to answer all your questions and help you manage all processes properly in order to provide you with a stress-free transportation experience.


If you need a freight forwarder from China to US, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We are confident to provide you with a successful shipping experience. Thus, please make us be your partner and share your concerns with us.

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