How To Solve Magic Mouse Disconnect Issues on Mac?


Many of the people have observed that while operating the Magic Mouse, they face some significant problems. It has been seen that in first generation Magic Mouse, charge lasts for a very short period and Bluetooth connection problems are plenty of the time present. And an issue like not being able to charge the mouse at the time of using it in Magic Mouse 2 is faced. Unfortunately, Bluetooth connection problem is encountered by it too.

In this blog, you’ll get to know about all the Magic Mouse problems and the correct way of solving such issues.

Note: This blog is suitable for all type of Magic Mouse Generations.

Best Solutions To Magic Mouse Connections Problems

The Issue Of First Generation Magic Mouse- Bluetooth Disconnection


Plenty of reasons can be behind the Magic Mouse losing the Bluetooth connection. But the general issue is of the battery which is placed in the Magic Mouse.

The reason behind Magic Mouse losing the Bluetooth connection can be even connected to the Magic Mouse’s battery problem. This is one of the features of the bad design.

 Many of the times, users prefer shaking their mouse by lifting the mouse to change its position, and this makes the battery terminal movement resulting in losing the electrical connection. This is simple to understand as no power means no Bluetooth connection.

The solution to this problem is given below. So have a look at it.

  1. Firstly, take out the batteries from the Magic Mouse.
  2. Then, take a piece of aluminum foil about 1/2- inch size in a square shape.
  3. After that, wrap that around the (-) terminal of the battery.
  4. Lastly, again put the batteries.

This results in a good connection as the battery are now placed in better contact.

The Issue Of Connection Between The Batteries And Its Cover

If still the problem persists then prefer the given below steps-

  1. Firstly, take out the Magic Mouse battery cover.
  2. Then, take a paper of rectangular shape and note that it should be 1 inch by 1-1/2 inches.
  3. Then, put it above the batteries at the center location. Remember to put the extra paper that is coming towards outward to put in corner side of the batteries.
  4. Lastly, cover it properly.

The piece of paper helps in making a better connection between the batteries and the battery cover.

Magic Mouse Recharging Problem

Many people feel that the feature of not been able to use the mouse at the time of its charging is one of the worst features. But they forget that one-minute charging works for an hour. Apple Inc. claims that Magic Mouse 2 has the ability to work for one entire month if it gets charged fully.

  • So instead of taking out a separate timing for charging your mouse prefer charging at the time of your supper or the time you have your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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