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How to speed up your Laptop with 8 Simple ways

Does your Laptop is struggling with performance issues? Then it is time to optimize your PC for maximum performance. Therefore we have prepared a list of the best software boosting tips and hardware upgrading steps to speed up your Laptop. If you're using a laptop with old hardware components, you might notice that your system becomes too slow; due to some compatibility issues. Because Windows 10 only works faster on modern devices. In that case, you have to upgrade the computer.

 But there are some other factors that affect system performance like a virus, malware, or you have installed too many unnecessary software on your computer. Its immediate solution is to replace the device. Like if you’re a gamer or video editor, then buy a good machine for that high computing’s tasks. There are many best laptops for video editing and gaming.

But if you’re a normal computer user then you don’t to replace the device. With little effort like Optimizing software or upgrading some hardware components can increase system performance. So if your system is getting sluggish day by day, for example, the system takes more time during booting or slowly opens the software, then follow our mentioned steps to speed up the Laptop.

How to speed up laptop Windows 10

1 Limit Startup Applications

If your system startup too slowly, the reason can be there are multiple programs that are configured with a startup. Some installed software like Skype starts running automatically on startup time and continuously start running in the background, which eats up valuable system resources. If you don't use them daily, it is better to disable applications.

To disable the startup app in Windows 10, go to the setting tab and click on apps.

Then click on Startup under the Apps menu. 

It will show you all applications that automatically start when you are on the system.  

Unused Software

2 Delete Unused Software

There are thousands of utility programs for every task you want to perform, from office management to videos players. Installing a bunch of software takes hard drives space and eats up RAM, leading to slow speed and responsiveness of the system. Therefore you have to find out unused programs on the computer and delete them. 

To do that, follow me:

Open the control panel and click on uninstall a program 

The next screen will show you all the installed program 

Now select the software you want to delete 

3Cleanup Disk

3Cleanup Disk

When you start using the computer, it starts creating temp and cache files on the hard disk that have no use, but they impact computer performance. By deleting them, your Laptop will run faster. 

By scanning Disk cleanup, you can find cache files residing on a hard drive and impacting computer speed. 

Follow the following step to increase system speed by delete temp files.

Open the search box and type disk clean up and press the following app. A drive selection box will open and ask you to select the drive you want to clean; by default, C drive will be selected, and press the ok button. The tool will start scanning your pc and will show you all temp files. Click on ok to delete all files. You can apply the same procedure with another drive to clean up. 

Scan System

4 Scan System for Viruses

Viruses and Malware code hugely impact computer speed. Because these types of programs are designed in such a way to manipulate system resources wrongly, even some are very dangerous that can delete your entire data. And if you're wondering how these malicious programs spread. Let me explain, mainly these virus-infected software spread through the internet and or connecting external devices with computers.

 So first, you have to avoid visiting the creepy website and also don't download pirated software. Secondly, whenever you connect external devices with a computer, always correctly scan them. But the question arises here, how do you know your computer is infected with a virus? It is straightforward if you notice a significant performance issues in the system. There is a 100% chance a virus and malware infected the program is installed in your Laptop. 

So what is the next step if your Laptop is attacked by malware or virus? Simple use good protection software to remove these harmful programs. And the good news is that there are multiple free antivirus like Avast, Avira, AVG, and even windows10 has built-in windows defender that is excellent against this malicious program.

These antiviruses remove viruses from the computer and also provide advanced level protection like protection from a phishing attack, password manager, secure shopping, and many more features. 

To use any antivirus, download by visiting’s its official and then install it; you can use any mentioned above. After installing run a full system scan. The tool will automatically find viruses or malware-infected files in the system. And after a complete scan, it will show a complete report. 

6 Install a fresh copy of Windows 10                                                                      

If your computer is still working slowly after applying the steps mentioned earlier, you should install a new Windows. Although all installed software in the computer will be deleted, it will improve the system performance on a fresh new copy of Windows. 

You can replace the following hardware components in if you’re big tech user.

7 Switch HHD to SSD Storage

There are two main hardware categories HHD and SSD (Solid-state drive). HHD storage drives work traditionally, like moving parts to perform data processing. At the same time, SSD is based on NAND technology that performs reading and writing operations by using semiconductor chips.

 Although HHD is very cheap but consumes more power, produces much heat, also very slow and unresponsiveness in multi-tasking. So if you are using HHD hard disk, it is time to upgrade on SSD. There are many best internal SSD drives for laptops and desktop computers available at a low price. 


 If your Laptop works slowly when you open multiple applications simultaneously, then there are more chances you need to upgrade RAM. RAM plays a prominent role in computer performance. It is a temporal storage memory, unlike a hard disk that store data permanently. All running applications in the system run in RAM, which means a bigger RAM size has more capability to run several applications simultaneously. Practically it is placed near the Processor to provide him quick data access.

 RAM comes in different sizes like 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB, and it is also available in more storage options. But what is the perfect size for your Laptop?, well it depends on your requirements like 4GB is enough for watching movies or browsing the internet. However, if you want to do other stuff besides browsing, 8GB is a great choice. But still, 8GB is not enough for gaming or other types of high graphical work that ultimately lead you to 16GB of RAM to get impressive system performance in multi-tasking.

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