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How to Speed Up your Software Project with Dedicated Development Teams?

Just imagine a world where you have a team of experienced developers each with their specific quality, experience and skill set and can easily fit according to your requirement and your company needs and work flow as well as devoted solely to you and your company needs and you can pick them according to your wish.


What is meant by a dedicated team?

Dedicated team is a business model which is an agreement between the service provider and the client. Dedicated team is a team of talented experienced developers and handpicked according to your requirements fully dedicated to your projects and working remotely as a part of your system and communicating with you Daily.


How dedicated team are best suitable for the company

Dedicated teams are best suitable for your company because they are solely dedicated to your project and company needs. Also they are someone who have already taken care of equipments and specialized software, office space for the entire team, special perks and bonuses for each team member.


Advantages of dedicated development teams

Saving cost

By hiring dedicated teams for different projects a company can avoid a lot of cost consuming aspects.


Greater flexibility

The best of benefits is that you can manipulate your team according to your need at that time to process your work as fast as you want.


Access to the expertise

Well, this is something hard to find experts locally or you have to pay them a salary way beyond your limits. By hiring dedicated teams you can access experts all over the world.


Fast scaling

If you need to grow your team, outsourcing is the best option. You can hire as much people as you want to fulfill your needs and speed up your software projects.


What software development speed depends on?

Development process complexities

Every developer faces numerous complexities during the working process. They maybe:

● Technical side of the project (such as complex projects).

● Requirements (unclear demand).

● Unreal deadlines.

● Internal company issues.

The developer has to face complexities when these types of things appear at once and will lower the speed of the project.


Quality code

Every developer wants to code high quality coding but the code is either done well or done fast as it depends on the deadline of that project.


Team size

The optimal team size provides the best ground for people to communicate with each other. In large groups people won’t find common grounds and can be the reason for lowering the speed of a project. The best way is to divide developers into small groups with specific components of that project.


Human factor

The performance of the whole team depends on each and every members contribution. If everybody in the team is skilled, experienced and dedicated the job will be done fast and nicely. Also they help other inexperienced members to grow along with them.


Ways of speeding up of project

Setup project into small components

If the project is divided into smaller components as well as creating small groups of dedicated teams and setting each group with their respective component of the project according to their specialist provides them better understanding and they can work much faster and in a systematic way.


Plan each and every component of project

Planning of each component of project and manage them accordingly as it should be done provides increased speed in the software development.

Realistic deadline

Dedicated teams should be provided with realistic deadlines to ensure the quality of code and prevent them from doing marathon rush.


Expand your team

The more people involved in the project the faster the project will be done unless they share the common ground because large groups maybe the result of lowering the speed of project.


Limit your work in progress

One thing that helps us to make efficient progress is to limit works in progress. As it releases the pressure of teams. Because when there are hundreds of tasks then the things get overwhelming and put extra pressure on the team which ends in a decrease in speed.


Automate as much as you can

You can automate the work by using different software which helps to take off the workload from developer's shoulder. Work in such a way that your developers won’t hate you Treating your employees kindly and softly helps you to build faith and they will put all their devotion to your company and its needs.


In A Nutshell

Through these steps we can speed up software projects using dedicated development teams without compromising product quality.....



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