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How to spot fake Instagram followers


An influencer is a great way to promote your business on Instagram. The reason is that people follow influencer and also, the influencer has a large number of followers. That means their reach is good and people will listen to what they say. As a result, a lot of brands use those influencers as a marketer of them.

But the thing is that there are some fake influencers who just on Instagram because of grabbing money from the brands or business. They use fake followers just to show themselves as an influencer. But the question is that how can you check if they have fake followers or not? How can you understand they have bought followers from sites like poprey.com or others or not? Well, to know that, you have to read this article until the end.


No profile picture

The first sign of fake followers is that those followers have no profile picture. Not all the followers have no profile picture, but most of them do not have any profile picture. Even if you see some of them have a profile picture, you will see that they do not have any real profile picture. They have profile pictures of trees, nature, and others.


No real name

Another sign is that they do not have any real name. This is a common sign. You can understand those fake followers by seeing their name. Their names are peculiar as well as awkward. You will find out that their name consists of many numbers or their names do not make any sense at all.


Private account

A private account is another sign of fake followers. What I mean is that fake profiles are private accounts. Those are private so that no one cans see their post or their activity. Even if their accounts are not private, you will find out that they do not have any posts at all. So obviously, those accounts are fake and if those accounts are followers of someone, it is obvious that that account has fake followers.


Follow back

And there are some followers who are not even fake. But they are not real as well. They are just follow-back seeker. That means they do not even care what the influencer say or show, they just use Instagram because of getting follow back.


No engagement

And lastly but most importantly, there will no engagement at all if there are fake followers. If you just see the engagement ration, you will find out if the followers are fake or not. if the account hold 100k followers and its posts have an average of 500 likes, then it is obvious that the followers are fake. Also, you can check the comment and share as well.

These are the common sign of fake followers. So if you want to check if the followers are fake or not then you can simply those strategies. Stay away from these influencers if you want to promote your business.

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