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How to Start a Catering Business and Rent a Commercial Kitchen

Starting a catering business is a lucrative career choice; everyone needs to eat. There will be no shortage of business as long as you do it the right way. Make sure you make good food that people will appreciate. Before you rent a commercial kitchen for your business, ensure you assess the market and its demands, which will help you know the size of the commercial kitchen you will need and its location. Your catering business's success will depend a lot on the commercial kitchen that you decide to rent.

Get Insurance for the Business

First things, first! As you are about to start a risky business, you should get liability and business insurance to make sure you and your business are protected in case something happens. Find an insurance company that has experience with the catering business. An experienced company will offer you advice on the possible accidents in the kitchen or the business in general. That way, you will be more prepared to go into the business with confidence.

Location of the Business

Decide where you want to start your catering business before you rent a commercial kitchen. Check out if there are other competing businesses around where you are interested in doing catering. It’s the best way to know how to compete favourably. The kitchen has to be strategically placed so that your target clients can access you easily. Preferably you should look for a commercial kitchen close to the town centre or where there is traffic. You might be making good food, but if your customers cannot access you, it will affect the success of your catering business.

Buy the Necessary Equipment

Luckily some commercial rental kitchens come with equipment, but you will also need to buy the rest. You can inquire what the commercial kitchen offers so that you know what to add. Don't forget the little things like spoons, plates, and silverware; those are the things your clients will notice the most about your business. Make sure you are trying your best to impress your customers with the equipment you buy. You should also consider a storage space to keep all the equipment you buy before moving into the commercial kitchen.

Get All the Legal Affairs in Order

The food business requires you to follow several rules and regulations. That is because you are dealing with customers directly, and food can cause health problems. First, you should get a business permit from the authorities; you can hire a good lawyer to help you with the legal requirements. Ensure the commercial kitchen you want to rent is also up to standard; if they have equipment in the kitchen, you can have someone inspect it before you start using it. You should avoid running into legal problems in the future, so make sure you have met every single requirement before you start operations. Health inspections are normally random. The best way to ensure you are on the right side of the law is to take care of everything before you start.

Consider the Commercial Kitchen Size

The size of your catering business should also determine the size of the kitchen you rent. If you are starting a small catering business that does not require any staff, you can go with a small kitchen space. If the business is big, the commercial kitchen should accommodate all of your staff and the equipment. Without enough space, it will be difficult for your staff to work and be productive. You might want to find a kitchen with a storage unit; that way, you don't have to store all of your supplies in the kitchen. The commercial kitchen should be able to meet all the needs of your business.


Marketing is the most important part of starting any business. It is also a continuous process, but it doesn't hurt to start early. Before your day to day operations, you can create a buzz so that people will be expecting your business. The best way to do that now is through social media; you can promote your business on different platforms through posts or hashtags. You should create a website for your business and start creating a presence there before starting operations. Printing business cards and giving them out is helpful as well. Good marketing will attract customers and make your business start on a good note.


Starting a catering business can be difficult, but the right commercial kitchen might ease up the process. Find the best place that offer a wide range of kitchen spaces like Occupyd and get the best kitchen for your business. Before you rent the kitchen, have a business plan that will help you make the business a success. A plan can help you foresee some of the challenges and work around them. Your staff should also help you grow your business; make sure you get qualified staff. They should have some experience in the food industry and dealing with customers. You should also remember to plan for emergencies because you can't know what will go wrong.

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