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How to Start a Healthy Eating Nonprofit

Nonprofits are run by people who are passionate about what they do. They know that their nonprofit benefits the people around them and they love the feeling that they get when they serve the people around them. So successfully have a nonprofit, you have to love to serve. You have to be dedicated to your cause. And, you have to be dedicated to the people around you. A lot of people have been wondering about how they can start their own healthy eating nonprofit that will help people understand the value of their health, exercise, and own personal well-being. For people passionate about this, here are the next steps that you should take:

Do Your Research Before Anything Else

A lot of times, people say that they wished that they had done more research before they created their nonprofit business--this is your chance to do that. The first thing that you should research is whether you have proof that your nonprofit will fill an unmet need in your community. Every nonprofit needs a support group to help them meet goals and gains sponsors or grants that will help them get there. Gathering support, receiving grants, and getting donations will become a whole lot easier if you have strong numbers to back up your idea. So, make sure that you have that group. Then, research larger groups who would be willing to pitch in and help. You might also start by reaching out to health-companies who already make a difference like Le-Vel Thrive and ask if they would be willing to aid you with your nonprofit. Explain to all of your supporters the necessity of having this particular nonprofit in the area and share the passion that you have with them.

Build a Lasting Foundation

Nonprofit organizations face challenges that the average for-profit business doesn’t have to deal with. To weather through those storms, you have to have built a strong foundation from the very beginning. Your foundation starts with the foundation. And (surprise!) that founder is you. According to leadership expert Brian Tracey, who's worked with more than 1,000 organizations, there are five traits that all successful Founders must possess:

  1. Self-Discipline: you to discipline yourself to do the things that need to be done. Sometimes, this requires hard would and extreme dedication. Be willing to do it.
  2. Integrity: All good nonprofits are built on a solid foundation of trust and honesty.  
  3. Persistence: This will help you to get through even the hardest challenges that you face.
  4. A Clear Sense of Direction: Know where you’re going with your nonprofit and who you’re going to help.
  5. Decisive: You have to be able to make decisions quickly.

Work to have these 5 strong traits and then show the people who work with you how to have them as well. If everyone who’s in contact with your organization is self-disciplined, has integrity, persistence, a sense of direction, and is decisive, then your nonprofit will do amazing.

Create a Business Plan

Another important thing that you should do for your business is to create a business plan. You might resent this at first because it sounds too much like something that you would do for a for-profit business, but it will help you so much. You should focus on creating an executive summary and a marketing plan for the company. If you need help, here are some example business plans for other nonprofit companies. Create plans for what you see in the future of your nonprofit and consider how you can expand and grow to reach more and more people.


Creating a nonprofit is a lot of work, but it is definitely rewarding. You will find that every day you are satisfied by your job. Remember to always do the things that you love and to make sure that you’re getting out and helping with the service aspects of your nonprofit. You never want to grow far away from the reasons why you started it.


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