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How to Start a Video Game Company: A Simple Guide

Did you know the video game industry raked in over $40 billion in 2018 alone? With so much pie to go around, you might be trying to get your piece.

Learning how to start a video game company can allow you to get into the middle of a very exciting opportunity. Knowing the basics is a must before you get going when you want to be successful.

Continue reading this article to learn how to start a video game business.

Make a Business Plan

Before you can start making money with your business, you need to have a solid plan in place.

Some of the things you need to think about are:

  • Startup costs
  • Target market
  • Pricing
  • Business name
  • How you'll make money

Starting a video game business can be a pretty pricey situation. Knowing how much money you need is the first step in figuring out where you need to go to get funding.

You also have to think about who is going to buy what you're selling, how much they're willing to pay, and what your product offering will be.

Another important part of your business plan is figuring out what your business name is. Having a good business name that people can get behind is important. Lame names don't work in the gaming industry.

  • Establish a business focus. The primary purpose of a business plan is to establish your plans for the future.

Get the Legal Stuff Out of the Way

Before you do business, another thing you have to take care of is all of the legal things.

You have to form a legal entity of your choice, get your proper licenses and permits, and register for taxes. Depending on where you live, there may be different laws in your area than in other regions, so make sure to check that out thoroughly.

Build Your Team

When you're building a video game company, you need to have at least one or two programmers, one or two graphics artists, and people that are good with marketing and finance.

In the beginning, you might wear a couple of hats, but make sure you're always on the lookout for good talent.

Create Your First Product

Once you have your team together, you need to create your first product. Even if you don't love your first product, you need to figure out what you can do.

If your current team can't produce the results you want, you might need to bring on a few other people with more experience.

Good business plans should include all financial information. Write up details about all loans and when they will be paid off. Moreover, summarize details about capital equipment that will be used and how it will be depreciated. Conduct a break-even analysis that estimates when your company will likely turn a profit.

Market Your Product

You can start marketing your product before you even make it. Prelaunch sales can help pay for the development of your game. Just make sure that you're ready to deliver when the launch date comes.

Using gaming digital marketing services can help you get the word out quickly for a successful launch.

How to Start a Video Game Company - Now You Know

Learning how to start a video game company allows you to familiarize yourself with the business. Now that you know what it takes to get started, you can decide whether it's the right opportunity for you or not.

Do you want to learn more about business and other great topics? Keep reading our blog.

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