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How To Start An App Business In Houston?

App development has turned up as one of the most lucrative business ventures around the world. Take examples of Toomics, Planta, Express VPN, Stylebook and Ether Legends. These are innovative apps and now yielding material amounts of profits to their founder appreneurs.  

If you are up for investing in mobile apps development in Houston, here is a quick guide to simplify the subject for you:

1.      Generate a unique app idea

Every great business starts with a great idea. And then part of its success lies in its successful execution. Look around you and find out if you can offer a modern solution to an emerging problem or a skill or a hobby that you can capitalize.

If budget is not a constraint, try create a SaaS based business program with robust app features. Take example of an entertainment app like AR Zone or a cybersecurity solution like Digital Secure.

2.      Research the market

Once you have an app idea you want to capitalize, check the Play and App stores and find out if such solutions exist. If yes, great! You have something to build your approach on. Conduct a thorough competitor analysis, check how they have monetized the app and what features they have added.

If the idea is innovative and super unique, then maybe you need to talk to a business analyst and conduct a feasibility study. 

3.      Hire an app developer in Houston

Once you have the feasibility of the app idea, it’s time to hire a developer in Houston who could turn your vision into a successful digital reality. Begin your search with Clutch and GoodFirms. Then check the shortlisted company’s time zone, location and business hours. Discuss payment structures, technical stacks and innovation strategies. Seal the deal and move ahead for development.  

4.      Monitor the development process

Measure the timelines and completion of major milestones. Missed deadlines could actually delay the app development and testing process and may affect the profitability of your app idea.

5.      Test and collect feedback about your app

Once the MVP of the app is complete, distribute it amongst your social and professional network, collect feedback and ask your testing teams to improve the app.

6.      Submit the app on store

Once the app is digitally error-free, it’s time to submit it on Google Play and App store with accurate information and correct credentials. After approval from stores, the app can be downloaded and is ready to be used.

7.      Send app updates

After 6 months or so when the app has received reviews and ratings, you’ll have material information to improve the app and send out updates.

Maintenance and support though are important parts of the process, you’ll have to continually subscribe to these services to maintain the health of your app.

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