Friday, September 29, 2023
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How to Start and Operate a 3D print shop?

Making 3D print a business is possible, opening a FabLab means entering a sector where there is no limit to the possible applications of your business. A FabLab can offer the 3D printing service to individuals and companies, can create and design objects, rent equipment, and provide advice.

We could handle 3D printers, one friend had 3D modeling and the other had sales skills. I started little by little with the idea of ​​earning pocket money before getting a job and playing meaningfully. I got a job by doing simple marketing through design college and social media, and when I was asked, my friend modeled and I printed it. It's small, but it was our 3D printing business model. I was worried about the 3D modeling work that would come out as output because I had less time to study while concentrating on my department studies while attending school. So I went to find a trick to make modeling easier. 

Bureaucratic process

Now let's see what it takes to open a 3D print shop.

There is no need for the entrepreneur to possess particular prerequisites. However, it is certainly essential to have good entrepreneurial skills and make sure to select experienced staff and collaborators in the 3D print shop. Once you have found a suitable commercial space, the bureaucratic process is essential and requires a few simple steps.

  • Opening of the VAT number.
  • Registration with the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Obtaining health and safety clearance from the local health authority.
  • Declaration of the start of business at the Municipality.

Investment and equipment

Since the investment in software, hardware, and qualified personnel is already considerable, you should try to start your own business starting from a small room and offering few services but of high quality. In this way, you will be able to contain the initial investment and expand your business only after making the first profits.


The increasing diffusion of 3D printing shops has also seen the birth of various franchising dedicated to the FabLab. For new entrepreneurs who want to enter the 3D printing sector with a lower investment and the security given by an established brand, franchising can be a valid alternative.

The market

We are currently in an era of strong innovation in which technologies are revolutionized almost every day becoming more and more advanced. An example of this phenomenon is certainly the printing sector which has undergone a complete renewal in the last decade.

This is a 3D printing shop, a technology that allows the creation of three-dimensional objects from nothing, with the simple use of software and a 3D printer shop.

There is no limit to the sectors of application of this technology, in fact starting from a project it is possible to create an object thanks to the different techniques, materials, and advanced software that are used.
The revolutionary concept of three-dimensional printing has not only created new business opportunities but has also influenced the most disparate sectors of the economy that use 3D printing shops to bring their projects to life. Hence the possibility of investing in a revolutionary sector was born on the market by opening a FabLab, or a digital laboratory dedicated to 3D printing.

The first FabLab was created in 2001 at MIT in Boston and since then the phenomenon has been successful all over the world thanks to the great variety of sectors in which this technology can be applied.
Italy, with more than 70 FabLabs, is second only to the United States in terms of the number of 3D printing centers, which has more than 100.

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