How to Start Movie Production Company in India



Entertainment Industry is growing day by day in our country and Bollywood produces the most significant movies in the world. In India, there are many types of movies industries like Bollywood for Hindi Cinema, and there are southern industries for movies and nowadays Marathi and Bengali movies also generating huge profit from the Market so this industry is growing every day. Nowadays Social Media is also helping small movie production houses for releasing their movies on social media websites which is less costly as compared to the theatrical release, e.g. TVF Play, AIB they are releasing their videos on social media platform like YouTube and generating huge profit. If you want to start your own movie Production Company in India then it is a good idea, you may make a huge advantage. You have to follow some laws so in future you don’t have to face and legal problems. This article will give you an idea about the incorporation of Movie Production Company in India.How to Start Movie Production Company in India

How to Start Movie Production Company in India

  • The first thing you have to do is Market Research, and it is the first step for any business, without Market Research you may have to face many problems, so Market Research is very important for you. You have to learn that how this business works and how you will generate profit and how you will bear losses.
  • You have to think about a unique name for your production company which attracts people, and you have to get your trademark and copyright on your Company name so no one can copy your name and you cannot copy the name from other company. Trademark and Copyright registration is an important thing in a business like a Film production because anyone can copy your created work so you should be done your Trademark and Copyrights so Intellectual Property Laws will protect your rights.
  • You have to decide your business entity for your Film Production. You can incorporate your Film Production as a Private Limited Company if there are two or more partners in your company. For this, you have to incorporate your business under Ministry of Corporate Affairs. But if you don’t want to incorporate your business as Private Limited Company and there are two or more partners in your Company, then you can start your Film production as a Limited Liability Partnership or Partnership Firm. Partnership Firm is easy to incorporate, you have to agree with beginning a Partnership Firm, and this agreement should contain the all details of the partnership and about your business and all details of partners, and this article should contain the stamp and notary on it. So Partnership Firm can be started through Partnership Agreement if you want to register your Partnership Firm Registration then you can Register your Partnership Firm with Registrar of Firms. If you are a single owner of your Film production business, then you can start your business with One Person Company or as a Sole Proprietorship Firm.
  • Then create your business plan, which types of movies you want to make or where you want to release your movies. You can publish your movie directly to the theater, social media websites or on Television. You have to plan a budget for your movies. Social Media websites like YouTube is a great and cheap platform for small budget movies, and you can generate huge profit from YouTube.
  • Start hiring people for direction, acting, singing, filming and other things. Make a good team for making good films and videos. Start shooting on film and get ready a film then you can sell your movies to distributer or you can upload your movie on social media.
  • Then start Promotion, promotion is very important for the film industry as you know that the Film industry depends on Promotion.


Film Production is a great business in India as you know it will give you fame and huge money so if you are thinking of starting a Film Production, then it is a good idea for you. If you have knowledge about this business, then it will help you to generate profits from your Film production, but if you don’t have much knowledge about this business, then you have to make a proper plan for your business. As above mentioned Market research is important and Promotion of Films is also important for your business. As above mentioned compliances with laws are also important without compliance with laws you may have to face legal consequences. You can incorporate your business with Partnership Firm if you don’t have much budget, Partnership firm requires fewer compliances as compare to the company. Pan Card Registration is also essential to document for incorporation of any business so you should be done your PAN registration before applying of integration. So if you are thinking of starting a business of Film production, then you should consider the above-given point this will help your business.

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