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How to start movie production house in India?

Bollywood is the largest entertainment industry in the world and it is growing day by day. Indian cinema is growing as you can see there are many regional movies which are doing business in India like Bahubali, KGF, Lai bhari, and others. In India there are many regional movie industries like Bollywood is making Hindi movies, the southern movie industry is making movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. These days you can also make your movie in low budget and then can release on social websites like TVF, You Tube, and ALT Balaji, Hot star, Netflix and other websites.

If you are thinking of starting a movie production house in India then you have to plan many things before starting this because starting a movie production house in India is not an easy task because you have to do a lot of research before starting this and you have to manage many things. You can gain a good profit from this business. Before launching your own production house you have to register your business under-recognized authority because it is necessary. This article talks about some important registration which is important for your business and after reading this article you will get an idea about it.

How to Start Movie Production Company in India:


First thing you have to do is Market Research, it is first step for any business, without Market Research you may have to face many problems so Market Research is very important, during market research you will get to know many things like cost requirement for this business and competition and what type of registration are required for your business. You have to learn how this business works and how you will generate profit and how you will bear losses. So after conducting a market research you will know about many things.


After conducting market research, you have to make business plans because starting a movie production house is not an easy task you have to plan each and every thing. A movie production house needed many things like cameras, lights, and computers for editing, directors, actors and other things. So you have to plan each and every thing.


Then you have to choose a unique name for your production house so it attracts people and after choosing a unique name you have to get a trademark on it so no one can copy your name. Copyright registration is also important for you because you have to get a copyright on all your content so no one can use it without your permission. Intellectual property rights are important, it will protect your rights under Intellectual property laws.


Then you have to decide that which type of business entity you want to make for your production house business because it is very important to get done your business registration, it will gives you many benefits like TAX benefits and others. If you want to start a private limited company then you can incorporate your own private limited company by filing an online form on the website of Ministry of corporate affairs. If you are thinking of starting a Limited liability partnership firm then you can incorporate this by filing an online form on the website of Ministry of corporate affairs.


Incorporation of an LLP is easy and simple you can file your incorporation form online. After filing incorporation form, the authority will verify your documents then they will issue incorporation certificate and after incorporation of your production house as an LLP, you have to file LLP annual filing which is very important. LLP annual filing is important because without filing this your firm you may have to pay fine for it.

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