Monday, December 11, 2023
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Motocross is the purest form of raw power and adrenaline - all you need is a bike, crazy good trail and a throttle. What makes it even more amazing is that there is no traffic, no rules and no people around. Just you and your trustworthy mud monster, ready to hit the dirt from dusk till dawn.

MX lifestyle seems truly captivating, no wonder so many fellas have gone under the dirt bike spell and spend most of their days all caked up with a mud. Even though it seems all fun, we’ll be honest - it is not easy at all. The top motocross racers undergo a tough training schedule and to become a true pro racer. If you are already riding a motorcycle, just few first laps in a track will make you catch the MX bug and there will be no way back - this will become your life. In order to get started, here are some tips from professionals:

1.      Rent a dirt bike to enjoy the idea of riding on dirt

Go through the local trails and woodlands to enjoy the experience of what it feels like on the rugged and rough trails. It is important to get introduced to off-road first. Make sure you have the best combination of timing and speed to get a small insight of motocross rider’s life. The professional motocross riders train first to know the controls and techniques.

2.      Purchase a motocross bike

Motocross bikes are crazy advanced nowadays with the latest ones coming with four-stroke engines from KTM, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, TM etc. Some brands still release two-stroke engines which are lighter and easier to maintain. If you’re more interested in long road trips and trail exploring, choose an enduro model. You can also pick a second hand machine - it will work well and give a good first insight into the dirt bike world.

3.      Find the nearest track

Ask around or search the web to find the nearest tracks. Most motocross tracks have quite rigid rules. Make sure there is a sufficient land to practice if your skill is not as advanced yet. Some also feature layouts for different difficulty levels and tracks for juniors.

4.      Get a decent gear, boots and helmet

Motocross gear may be the lowest on your priority list but it is very important to get it as safety is the most important rule here. Apart from clothing, you should also get helmet and gloves along with a sturdy pair of boots. Getting a neck brace can protect you during the crashes which happen quite a lot. You should also get a pair of goggles to make sure you have proper vision all the time.

5.      Get your bike dressed up too

Apart from dressing yourself, you should also update your bike as well. Going for dirt bike graphics will give a completely new look to your bike. It is the easiest way to give some personality and a dose of coolness to your track monster. The motocross graphics are stylish and very much in trend these days. You should definitely get them for your dirt bike ride.

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