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How to Start your Online Lash Business - 2021 guide

Imagine you have an online lash store where you make a couple of sales each day. The customers are happy, leaving reviews, and are coming back for more. If starting a lash business is on your mind, then what more can you ask for! This can be your reality. 

Lash business is something that features affordable price items yet has so many competitors. With hundreds of websites competing for customers' attention, how to stand out? This article tells you everything to help you set up a successful online lash business in 2021.

9 Basic Steps to Open Your Online Lash Store 

  1. Market Research and Surveys 
  • Demand: The very first step is realizing the need for the lash market in your region. You won't want to develop a product, only to know that it has no demand. So it is a must that your products have a unique identity along with demand.
  • Surveys: You can take online surveys to know what customers want the most. Starting with your local area, know whether the people are interested in false lashes or having lash extensions. Go on to know the specifics of people's choices. Learn how to use surveys effectively. Research the web to keep yourself updated with eyelash trends.
  • Safety: It is essential to have a unique product. Still, it is much safer to go with low-key mainstream choices in the beginning. For instance, your extra-long lashes might not get many customers as your medium ones can. Once your business grows, you'll have all the power to start local trends! 
  1. Choosing a niche.

Whom do you envision as your potential buyers? Young adults, teenagers, corporate women, homemakers? A niche helps you specialize in targeting a specific customer domain. Each type of category brings with them a unique set of aesthetics requirements. 

Let's say your region is an educational hub, so your focus should be on targeting college-going females. They'll be your frequent buyers if your lashes are durable, convenient, and affordable. You can even consider prominent eye shapes in your region. Know the demographic before choosing the most suitable niche. Then it would be easier to promote your online store locally as well, apart from your distant buyers.

Source: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

  1. Carving a business plan.

Without a business plan, your business will be all over the place. The right business plan is a blueprint of potential growth and direction. It would be best if you keep it as objective as you can.

You wish to create a small lash business with you handling most things. So, a business plan doesn't have to be that professional to convince investors, employees, partners, etc. Yet, it should be a solid plan with–

  • Logical market strategies
  • Detailed financial requirements
  • Product sale plans
  1. Finding a supplier/manufacturer.

If you're planning to buy lashes in bulk,  you should rely on a brand whose products you have used in the past. Test the quality of their lash samples before finalizing. The quality of your lashes should be high as in natural mink lashes.

Initially, it is advisable to order 30-50 sets of lashes having a fixed length range—for instance,13-18mm eyelashes. You need to consider whether the supplier is ready to give you ready-to-sell packaging. If not, you'll have to consider one more supplier for custom packaging.

Source: Freepik

  1. Building your inventory.

Adjust your products, keeping two things in mind. Firstly, there should be varieties within the single niche you've chosen. Secondly, the types of lashes shouldn't deviate too much from typical styles.

  1. Personalizing your business.

Give a name and an appealing logo to your business. Choose an overall theme that reflects your style. Have your packaging and website go along with it. Aesthetics are pretty much a deciding factor when it comes to the beauty business.

  1. Legal aspects

Before starting, you might want to protect yourself against any potential risk related to manufacture or finance. To that end, ensure that you have:

  • A business license
  • A separate business account
  • Business insurance.

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  1.  Getting your website designed.

You should have a good-looking website. Either hire a website designer or create on your own using platforms like WordPress or Wix. Know what features a good website has. 

Your website should be interactive, easy to navigate, and attractive. Have a high-definition display of your products. Just like an actual store, it should have proper spots for everything. About Us, Contact, FAQ, Reviews, for instance.

  1. Promotions and Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool in expanding your reach. Attract buyers with a good and active social media account. You can go for Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram. Uploading entertaining and relevant content helps amass a good reach. Keep your followers engaged by asking questions, recommendations, and preferences.

Partner with beauty influencers to get a massive reach. Send them your products to have them advertise you. There are dozens of ways which businesses use to be seen online. SEO, paid ads, emails, affiliate marketing, and many more. These might boost your sales multiple times!

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6 Tips to Set up an Emotional Connection With Your Customers And Boost Sales.

  1. You can keep guides and styling tips guides along with your main product.
  2. Have your customers send you before and after pictures. Featuring them on your website and social media will enhance people's attention.
  3. Keep taking regular feedback. You should make customers feel that you're dedicated to giving precisely what they want.
  4. After you've set up your business, you can consider upscaling it by selling lash adhesives, tweezers, and other related items.
  5. Occasionally organize flash sales of your lashes. This makes buyers keep an eye on you. 
  6. Holiday seasons are a great occasion to boost your sales. You can customize your products and packaging accordingly.

Source: Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels

Last thoughts  

Starting a lash business smartly and safely is what you need to do. Work on producing a quality lash collection. Go on to have an emotional bond with your customers. Reward your old clients and keep attracting new ones. We hope the above guide helped you clear the haze concerning your future lash business. With all said, there remains no reason for not starting. We assure you, with all the right preparation, your journey is going to be exciting. Good luck! 

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