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How to Start Your Sports Blog?

Famed as the most lucrative online venture, blogging has gained a lot of popularity over the years. However, given the little cost of starting a blog, many people have come on to the bandwagon hoping to sweep socks off readers and make tons of profits.

However, the most daunting news is that few of those that have ventured into blogging make the amount of cash they had in mind. However, this is not to say that blogging does not pay; instead that most bloggers succumb to errors which limit their blog's growth.

With sports raking the most followers on online platforms, it ranks among the ideal fields to tackle. In this guide, we offer tips for starting a sports blog and gaining substantial traffic to make a meaningful profit. For a golf sports blog, the Quinta da Ria Golf Course is a top destination as it gives you perspective into the game of golf and allows you to engage thus peak into a golfer's point of view on the game.

1. Select a niche

Although sports are a marketable field to venture in, tackling it as a whole may result in poorly organized and inept blogs. As such, you must narrow down to one facet of sports or a single sport, which you can keep yourself updated on, thus gaining reverence from your subscribers.

When selecting the niche of choice, consider the topics of discussion, availability to sporting news and material, and the access you have to the critical events on the game.

2. Consider your competition

Having chosen a niche, the next step is to gauge the amount of competition within your selected field. As is the nature of supply and demand, the lesser the competition from rival bloggers, the better.

When gauging your competition, consider checking for elements that set the best rivals apart from the lower ranking competitors. As such, this helps you discover the items to avoid and include when creating your sports blog, thus achieving a higher status.

Among the items to check for this include the wordage of articles, keyword density, use of imagery, and linkage that your rivals are employing. By doing this, you learn the best blog etiquette for the sports arena, thus making a positive impact on readers and web crawlers alike.

3. Keyword Research 

Having done competitor research, search for the popular keywords and trends in the field over the years. With this information at hand, you can decide on the topics to write and the most impactful keywords to include in your articles.

However, avoid majoring of single word keywords instead settle for key phrases as these ensure that you drive more relevant traffic, thus leading to conversion. Having decided on your key phrases, ensure that you carry out substantial research, thus covering the topics better and outranking already established blogs.

4. Consider the platforms where your target audience lie

You can have content good as you want and a quality website to match it, but without targeting the right audience, your effort is doomed to be futile. To ensure that you easily reach your audience after starting a sports blog, engage various platforms, thus finding out where your target audience often spends time.

By so doing, you can easily share links and gather insight on pertinent issues the audience wishes to get information on. As a result, you can fuel your blog with quality topics while spending lesser on marketing.

Additionally, you may opt to engage the famous personalities on various platforms to help bring in more traffic, thus overcoming the lag associated with bringing a new blog to life.

5. Consistency

Among the many tips for starting a sports blog, consistency ranks the most critical yet the most ignored. Having brought some traffic in, the harder part is ensuring that you retain the traffic while bringing in more followers, thus rising through the ranks.

For this, ensure to update articles weekly and also that you cover the main events occurring within your selected field. However, ensure that you don't fall into the frenzy for updating articles to the extent that you forget quality.

To ensure this, you may opt to engage writers adept with the sport and a proofreading panel to help you consider the articles that go through to your subscribers.


Creating a sports blog is easy; maintain the newly created blog and converting it into a quality site; however, it requires more than creating mediocre articles. By following the tips above, you are assured of getting off the initial struggle of starting a sports blog, thus gaining a spot to establish your blog's name in various fields.

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