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How to Stay at Home and Make $1000 Per Month Through Blogging


If even twenty years ago you read this title in a newspaper article, you’d laugh, put the paper down, and continue your commute to work. Today, the idea of earning $1,000 a month is not only possible but something millions of people around the world are doing. If you have goals to leave work, walk away from your boss, and take control of your life, keep reading!

Making Money by Blogging – Before we get started, we should note there isn’t a magic button you can click online that does everything for you. Although the internet has come a long way, you still need to put in the effort and have passion for what you’re going to do. Remember, this is the job that’s going to pull you out of bed when it’s easier to keep sleeping.

Before you get too excited and jump into an idea that has no longevity, seriously think about your passions and what you enjoy. Once you have a small list, you can then research the demand for each topic and assess whether you can make a good amount of money blogging.

Building a Following – In the early days, it should be all about building your character and growing accustomed to the writing each day. With regular posts, interactions with visitors, and frequent updates on social media, you’ll soon see a following. As long as you’re 1) providing genuinely useful information or 2) adding humour to your blogs, there’s no reason why you can’t build a good readership.

At the same time as growing your blog, we recommend talking to other bloggers and seeing if they want to collaborate on an idea. Whether you guest blog on each other’s sites or run a competition together, this can be a great way to build relationships and become more valuable to your audience.

Making Money – Finally, how do you actually make money? In truth, there are numerous methods of making this happen and this is why it’s such a popular idea. For starters, you can sell advertising space to companies within your niche. For example, a gardening company might want to advertise their new lawnmower on your gardening blog. Following in the same vein, there may be opportunities to join an affiliate marketing program and this is where the real money is earned.

If you haven’t heard of this idea previously, the premise is that you advertise products (relating to your niche) before then taking a percentage of all sales your ads generate in the shape of commission. With Amazon and many other companies offering superb affiliate marketing programs, this is a real solution.

Aside from these options, you could also sell your own products, create an eBook or audiobook, create an online course, write product reviews, and more. Once you start to combine multiple ideas, the potential of earning $1000 per month is realized.

As long as you have passion to write blogs every day, blogging is a fantastic way to make money from the comfort of your own home!

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