How To Stay Fit in an Office Job


It's no secret that working in an office full-time isn't ideal to keep your body in shape. From long days at desks to stress that motivates unhealthy food choices, it is much more difficult to stay fit while being so sedentary. Even if you try to hit the gym before or after work, it can be difficult to have a good workout if your body is sluggish from sitting all day.  Here are some ideas to incorporate into your routine that may help.

Get a Good Supplement

In an ideal world, your body would get all of the nutrition it needs and would be able to maintain its immune system and digestive health naturally. That isn't always possible, however, and it can be helpful to take vitamins and supplements for added support. It's true that staying healthy and exercising gives you more energy, but sometimes you need an extra boost to even get started. Don't just buy the first product you see at the grocery store, though. Do your research on the best ones for your needs, and read third party sources like these Vital Reds reviews. Incorporating a quality supplement into your lifestyle can help you start feeling better, which can help you motivate yourself to work on your health and fitness even more.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water throughout the workday will keep you alert and help your body function at its best. It can also help you lose weight and perform better during workouts. Grab a bottle or cup that you'll enjoy drinking out of and challenge yourself to drink one to two full ones in both the morning and the afternoon. If you need a little more motivation, there are a plethora of other creative products out there designed to help you drink more. Plus, going to the bathroom more often means you have an automatic reminder and opportunity to get up and stretch your legs.

Walk Everywhere You Can

Even if you can't walk to your office, there are plenty of ways to get a few more steps throughout the day. It may not be an intense workout, but every chance you take to get your body moving is beneficial to your health and fitness. Try getting up and walking to your colleagues' offices instead of calling or emailing them. It allows you to stretch your legs, helps you build relationships and can even make the conversation go faster. You can also park farther away from the door, take the stairs and go for a walk during your lunch break. You can even just stand up and stretch or run in place in front of your desk for a few minutes.

Pack Your Lunch

Coming prepared with a nutritious, tasty meal will help you avoid the cafeteria or running to get takeout. This will not only make your wallet happy, but your body and brain will also thank you. It'll help you control your portions, avoid stress eating and keep you energized. Packing healthy snacks will also give you a reason to stay away from the vending machine throughout the day. Make sure you'll enjoy eating them though, because otherwise you'll still end up falling for the delicious junk food option.

Get Your Coworkers Involved

It's easier to stay fit when it's part of your workplace culture. Getting your coworkers to join in with eating right and exercising whenever possible throughout the day will help motivate you and keep you on track. If your whole team is on board, you cut back temptations like morning donuts, you can share recipe ideas, and you can conduct walking meetings instead of sitting in the conference room for an hour. You can also join a fitness program together and keep each other accountable. If they aren't interested in any of it, try leading by example and start gently shifting the culture. Peer pressure is a powerful thing, so why not use it for good?


Staying fit with an office job is definitely difficult, but not impossible. Small changes and accomplishments really add up to help you feel great, stay in shape and perform better in your work. Start today by deciding on one thing you're going to do this week to make your health a priority.