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How to Stay Safe If You Have to Travel for Work

For many of us, lockdown is an ongoing fact of life and will be for the foreseeable future. But with the restrictions being eased in increments over the last few weeks, and non-essential retailers being allowed to once again trade, workers will once again find themselves having to make travel arrangements and venturing outside of the house again. Which raises the question: how can workers get to and from work while minimising the risk they pose to others? What are some helpful hints and tips to follow to make sure you are as safe as you possibly can be.

Wash Your Hands Often

This advice is so often-repeated that it might have begun to seem trite. But that doesn’t make it any less effective. Washing your hands with soap and water will break down the envelope of fat that surrounds the virus, thereby killing it before it has a chance to spread. Wash your hands wherever possible, and carry a pack of antiseptic wipes with you wherever you go. You might also elect to wipe down any surface you’re going to be touching, like handrails, bannisters and buttons, which might well be touched by thousands of grubby fingers over the course of a day. Since doing this is rarely practical, try to wash your hands instead or at the very least taking some anti bacterial hand gel with you when you’re traveling around will help, then washing your hands as soon as you get where you are going.

Travel at a Different Time

Rush hour is the worst time to be stuck on a train. If you’re crammed into close quarters with dozens of other commuters, then your social distancing precautions will, by and large, go out of the window. Some public-facing roles will require staff to be present from nine until five but even those you may be able to change into different shifts. But other roles may have greater flexibility. If you’re able to come into the office at ten or eleven, and then leave at six or seven, then you might limit your risk of exposure without actually changing any of your habits.

The average trip from Clapham Junction to London Victoria may be sparsely or densely peopled depending on when you’re travelling – and even a small variance can add up to an appreciable reduction in risk if it happens every day for a few months.The majority of businesses will also be willing to help you change your working hours around travel if it will help you stay safe, in the long run, helping you will help them.

Wear a Facemask

Even after all this time, it’s unclear just how effective facemasks are. The government doesn’t recommend them in this country, and the evidence is a little sketchy. But if your mask fits snugly over both your nose and chin, the chances it’ll do some good. So what’s the harm? The worst thing that will happen is your glasses steam up and if they do prevent, or at least hinder the spread of the virus then every little helps.

Change your Method of Transport

Public transport is inherently riskier than taking a car or a taxi. The optimal solution for many city commuters might be to actually take a bike or to walk, instead. It’s good for you, gets you out in the fresh air and helps you get your steps in for the day! This will be even nicer if you’ve been stuck inside your house for the last few months looking at the same 4 walls.

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