How to stop roller shutters rattling?


Are you being met with rattling roller shutters? Don’t worry, it’s quite a common problem that occurs with these kind of security solutions. Luckily, they can often be easy to fix, whether by yourself or by enlisting the help of a professional. It’s understandable that noisy roller shutters can be quite the inconvenience. After all, they can provide an off putting, uncomfortable sound that can be pretty loud, especially when its windy out!

This fault can also bring attention to your building as an area with insufficient security and leave you vulnerable to a potential break in. It’s worth nipping the issue in the bud promptly, so you know your prized possessions are safe and secure.

How exactly is that achieved? This blog post reveals all…

Why do they become noisy?

There are multiple reasons why roller shutters can become faulty and start to make a noise. 

For example, if they’re located in an area that experiences high winds, the problem can become exposed quicker as there will be inevitably increased strain placed on specific parts to keep your shutters secure. This is especially true of roller shutters Manchester, and other areas in the North West.


This problem can also become highlighted due to old age, if you’ve not replaced your shutters in over 10 years and they start to produce a noise, you may want to think about investing in a new security solution with much stronger parts that are fit for purpose.

It’s also important that parts remain lubricated to ensure that they run smoothly past each other without catching and malfunctioning. This can also cause rattling roller shutters, as parts may be snagging, therefore producing this annoying noise.

Loose parts are yet another reason why you may be experiencing noisy shutters, so it’s important to check that each mechanism is still tightly fitted to ensure a security solution that excels and operates quietly.

So, how do you go about fixing this issue?

Check guides – guides are crucial mechanisms when it comes to roller shutters, as they support them in their smooth vertical motion. Located alongside the curtain, any dints in your guides could lead to a catch that produces noise when in use.

Any damaged slats – slats, also known as curtains, are the main parts of your roller shutters, and are used to provide protection to your building. If they are dinted or bent in any way, this can not only produce an unnecessary noisy environment, but also put your property at risk of break in.

Spring tension – to ensure a balanced operation, roller shutters use springs. If this tension is unbalanced, it may mean that a certain part of your shutters is under increased tension which could be causing a noise. Check these springs to spot if that is the issue.

Regular maintenance

Your roller shutters may be experiencing an unwelcome noise due to a lack of maintenance over the years. This is common, as many people only check on their system when they spot a fault. But, by regularly examining important aspects of your machine, you could find a potential problem quickly, and go about repairing it before it escalates.

Call a professional

You may feel like you’ve explored all of these avenues and you’re still none the wiser and, therefore, need an expert to come and examine your noisy roller shutters in Manchester. This could also be the case if you feel like you have diagnosed the problem but are unsure on how to fix it yourself. It’s always useful to seek advice from a professional in roller shutter repairs in Manchester, this way you know the next decision to be made will have your best interests at heart.

Roller Shutter Services offer a highly respected repair service for roller shutters in the Manchester area and beyond. To get in touch with one of their helpful team today, give them a call on 0800 328 9356, email [email protected] or fill out an online enquiry form for a response as soon as possible.

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