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How to Stream Movies Without Paying to Streaming Services

Best VPN for Streaming


Streaming movies has become a thing and in this pandemic since the cinemas are closed, watching movies with the help of Best VPN for Streaming, well of course, there are other ways as well. When we hear the word Free Movies, most of the times, we get the idea about downloading it from the torrent sites and other sites similar to these. But we don’t support this and we believe in promoting legit content and that is why we searched and searched for hours and even days and came up with a list of ways and sites that show legal content and yet it is free.

Did you know that Netflix is free in some countries until the pandemic isn’t over? This is very thoughtful, and they did this so that people can stay inside their home during the lockdown. But not all of us are in those countries and not all of us can afford hundreds of dollars for paying for the subscriptions. This is where our post will help you figure out how to stream movie without paying for the services; first you can use the most famous and the Best VPN for Streaming, like we mentioned, you can search on the internet that which countries have Netflix for free and you can turn on the VPN and select that country and watch free movies on Netflix.

But there are other ways as well, as some Best VPN for Streaming are also paid and since we are here to know about the free services, then you should continue reading as your free pass to unlimited movies is below:

1.    Tubi: This app is about to be launched and you can see different movies and shows on it. But there is a disadvantage as well, like nothing is free in this world, this app or website will have lots of ads but with the passage of time, you can get used to it. You can see movies on this platform from all over the world and you can also see cartoons and anime.

2.    Popcornflix: The name is super interesting and it has more than 700 movies currently on it and every day the website and app is updated with new movies from all around the world. Like everything in this world has some downers, this one also has a downer and that is it is slow.

3.    Pluto TV: This site and app is said to have at least 100 plus TV shows from all across the globe and it has more than 1000 movies and the best part is that it offers at least 17 genres to choose from. From oldest movies to the latest, they have it all.

4.   Plex: We as well didn’t know about this site and app until we searched for free and legal free streaming sites. And this rated as 9 out of 10 for their services because it not only has Hollywood movies but this is also a good site for those people who make independent movies and they want the world to know it. So, if you are a movie maker and you want it to release globally without investing much, then this is the site for you. To stream movies, all you have to do is make an account and start watching. There is a premium version of it as well which costs 4.99 dollars a month and when you buy the subscription, you only get to see movies without ads and the buffering speed and quality of the movies and shows also increases.

5.   Kodi: This is a kind of app that is only available for Android smart phones. Not only it has movies but it has audio songs as well.

6.    HotStar: This app and site is a product of India and if you are a fan of Indian movies and dramas then this is the app for you. It is free but it is also available for paid services as well, like Plex, with paid services you get no ads and watch break free movies with faster buffering. You can also view cricket World Cup matches on this app.

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