How to Stream to Twitch on PS4 and Xbox One X


Streaming on Twitch for the first time can be difficult.  You have to ensure that you’re ready for it and can kick off the Twitch stream with style and self-confidence. Both of these qualities will help you to Twitch streaming. Here’s how to setup PS4 and Xbox One X for Twitch streaming.

Steps for Setting Up the PS4 for Twitch Streaming

•    Open the Xbox One game which you wish to start Twitch streaming.

•    Go to the PS4 DualShock controller.

•    Click on the Share option given to the upper left-hand side of the D-pad.

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•    You need to click on the Broadcast Gameplay button located on the drop-down list located on the left-hand side of the display.

•    Choose the Twitch option after you get the stream service option on the display.

•    The PlayStation Network will access the official website of Twitch so that you can log in on your account.

•    Type the registered username and a protected password on the Twitch official website.

•    After signing in to the account, you will get the Broadcast webpage on display.

•    Go through it to ensure that it includes a video by going to the PSN camera in case you have already installed and also the audio by going to the microphone.

•    Go down to go through the name of the stream.

•    Choose the box having the stream name.

•    Choose the X button for editing the name of the stream.

•    Go down for going through the gameplay resolution.

•    Go down to get the Facebook and Twitter URL.

•    Choose both the windows to get the inform followers on Facebook and Twitter which you are live streaming on PlayStation Network.

•    You will get the comment menu located on the Facebook and Twitter window, and it is a text which you wish to mail out with the broadcast of the stream.

•    You can choose the default text “Check out my stream,” or you can also make your own text which goes with the URL to the Twitch Channel by clicking on the X key.

•    Choose the Start broadcasting option located at the end of the display.

•    You will get the two option on the display.

•    The first one is to adjust the settings of the audio.

•    The second one is to start broadcasting.

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