Saturday, September 30, 2023
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How to study while travelling?

So you have a travel plan ahead and you are also worried about missing on your studies? Let me tell you that you are on the right place as I am going to share with you some great tips about how you can study while travelling and avoid turning your fun trip into a guilt trip.

Travelling is indeed an important part of one’s life and no one should miss an opportunity to travel whenever they get a chance but then, if travel opens the horizon of your mind, so does studies. So what can be better if you can combine both of these together and utilize your time productively?

Languages and Humanities: Studying languages or humanities may not be a difficult task as it just requires rigorous reading and if you are really sincere and dedicated towards the subject you may not find it difficult to grab a book while you are travelling and read on. You may not be able to make proper notes but you can always take mental notes and do the mind mapping about how you will revise your chapters once you resume your desk study.

Maths and Science: Practicing maths or algebra and science can be a pain while travelling and it is not even recommended to spoil your travel mood by trying to solve the problems of mathematics and formulae of physics instead of enjoying the scenery in motion. But if you are, say on a 14-hour long flight and there is nothing to look at other than some snoring uncles, then burying your head into your book can be a good idea.

You may not be able to practice your problems while you are travelling but you can always memorise the formulae and important points that are helpful while solving the problems. Especially the high school mathematics with algebra and trigonometry has many such formulae and tables that one needs to memorise before practicing the problems.

A boring flight can be used fruitfully for memorizing the chemical equations and formulae of physics. Believe me you won’t regret it ever. These conceptual formulae help you in the long run and if you make it a habit of taking mental notes while travelling, you will learn to use your time effectively and this will help you when you prepare for competitive exams or university entrance exams.

Go digital: If you don’t wish to stick to your conventional methods, you may always take a step ahead and go digital with your studies. While travelling, you can revise your notes from the lessons taught by Ziyyara by going back to your whiteboard tutorials that you and your tutor had saved. You can refresh your memory with the lessons that you have already learnt and trust me you will find something new to learn every time you go back to it. E-learning while travelling can be real fun as you won’t really need your textbooks or notepads. You can just keep scrolling through your iPad and revise your lessons.

Word of caution: But it is not recommended to strain your eyes while you are moving, it can damage your eyes and might also make you nauseated. Studying while travelling is okay but it would be better if you travel in burst and don’t stress yourself out because travelling is your priority and not studying at the moment.

Enjoy your trip: Studying while travelling is actually a bonus for you. Some of you may completely ditch studies and just enjoy your trip during vacations but later it might cause you trouble as it would get difficult to bring your focus back to studies after a fun-filled vacation sans the textbooks.

So a wiser decision is to keep your lessons and notes in hand and keep going through them even while you are travelling. This will make you smarter at your classes when you return and studying while travelling will also make you learn organization.

When you study while travelling, you plan and study so that you don’t miss all the fun. This helps you study in a smarter way and you learn how to prioritize your learning modules. This will help you when you get back to your regular classes. You will be more confident about yourself, your strong points and weaker ones. You can ask your tutor at Ziyyara to help you with the topics that you couldn’t grasp while revising and they will be glad to work on them with you. This makes your travel a fun experience and you won’t regret your trip even for a moment once you get back to your routine life.

Smart learning: Apart from books and iPads, there is another kind of study that won’t let you lag in life. The study of life itself. Wherever you go, make sure you observe things around you and try to relate the practical life with your lessons. Read and research about the place where you are going beforehand and observe the features over there. Prepare your own journal and memoir about the place. This will not only improve your geographical understanding about the place but will also enhance your thinking and writing skills.

Try to relate laws of physics in the practical world and try to find out answers about the things happening around you. Chat with the locals of your tourist destination places and find out interesting facts about the city.

Studying and learning while travelling can be fun if done sensibly and smartly. Don’t become a spoilsport by burying your head in books all the time but use your time effectively and make your travel experience a learning experience! Enjoy your trip!

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