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Having short hair doesn’t mean that you will have to settle for wearing it plain on your wedding day. A shortcut doesn’t inherently guarantee that you can’t make it look as lovely as you feel at your wedding.

If your short hair is part of a personal statement, please do not start growing it out when you wedding approaches in the fear that short hair can’t work with the whole romantic look you have in mind or that it won’t look good with your wedding dress of choice.


There are tons of styles, cuts, and accessories specific to a short hair length which will pair well with your wedding dress no matter what you go for white gown or bright Indian clothes. Here we have compiled tips on how to style your short hair on your wedding day.

-Remember that there are no specific rules you should be following when it comes to wedding hairstyles.

On your wedding day, don’t play by someone else fashion rules and let your own style shine through by choosing styles and accessories of your choice in your favorite colors out of the tons of options available these days. The modernizing world offers a lot of chic options to women with short hair these days.

Cuts aside, let us talk about hair color. Ombre hair color styles are always recommended for weddings especially for short haired people who want their hair to have extra dimension and depth. Be creative!

Before heading into styles, do stock up on hair products like de-frizzing serum, setting hairspray, hair mousse, haircut, hair cream, or hair wax if you plan on styling your hair yourself.

1 messy curly bridal updo-BMH

Curl the ends of your lob and sweep the bangs to one side. Complete the dreamy look with an oversized flower crown! Vintage curls also never fail. Style them softly in alternate directions, part your hair to one side and add a headpiece. You can also take inspiration from the ever so stunning Marilyn Monroe and go for structured curls by using large hair rollers.

Not one for flower crowns or curls? Ditch the curls for some bohemian beach waves (you can also use a medium barrel curler to curl your hair into spiral waves!) or some straight n’ sleek perfection and top the whole look off with a metallic headband on your mid-parted or side-swept hair!

With bobs that are about chin or shoulder length, there is always the reliable half-up do! Go for an elegant and modern look with half your hair up secured with pins and half falling freely. You can also spice it up by adding height or puff to the crown and wearing a thin beaded headband.

You never go wrong when pairing pixie cuts with bold accessories. Neat side parts or tousled messy looks; whatever you want to do doesn’t have to go up plain just because your hair is short.

Curl, straighten, twist it, bend it—the possibilities are endless and so are your hair accessory choices. Go for big and bold headpieces or flashy bright veils for a quirky look and intricate thin crowns for a feminine look.

Other styles you can pull off include curly quaff, untamed tousled look (works in a lovely way with a pixie cut but work with bobs too), braided bobs, messy up-dos, voluminous bob, ponytail with bangs, asymmetrical cuts, and blowouts.

Even in accessories, there are tons of other options such as wearing lace wedding bands or crowns made out of real flowers or gem-decorated metal headbands, intricate veils or cage nets in your favorite colors, hats—like we said, the possibilities are simply endless.

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At Saree Palace, Heeral Thakkar commenced with the vision of inspiring the world with her fabulous and stylish clothing line. Heeral is a pioneer in providing an Indian culture and tradition in California. Presently, people from all over the country are interested in shopping from this first ever Indian bridal boutique. With experience in hand and unique fashion trends in mind, Heeral has become one of the most exquisite fashion designers in the country.

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