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How to Surprise Your Long Distance Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Long-distance relationships indeed come with their pros and cons. It is indeed difficult staying away from your beloved one miles away and trying to find some quality time to spend together. Long-distance couples generally make special efforts to celebrate occasions like birthdays of their loved ones in order to make them feel special. Flowers delivery in Bangalore or gifts to some other distant place, there are ample options today to gift your loved ones on their birthdays and surprise them.


Surprise Your Long Distance Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Men find it very difficult to decide on the perfect way to surprise their girlfriends. There are so many things to choose from and it gets confusing. So here are some ways to surprise your long-distance girlfriend on her birthday.

Order flowers with a special birthday message for your girlfriend

Gifting flowers on a birthday might sound like the cliched idea but flowers can actually light up anyone’s day. There are loads of
online bouquet delivery options these days from where you can buy a variety of flower baskets or bouquets. Flowers bring in that romantic essence to a birthday gift which all girlfriends love. If you stay in cities like Bangalore, you can add a special birthday message along with the online flower delivery in delhi in order to make it more memorable.

Plan a special dance performance


Plan a special dance performance for your girlfriend dancing to her favourite songs and then wish her exactly at midnight on her birthday performing this live while wishing her. Any girlfriend would love this and would help her birthday become more memorable. Don’t forget to record and keep this as a memory always.



A Surprise Dinner


Plan a surprise dinner for your girlfriend by coordinating with her friends who will help you with the arrangement and add all her favourite dishes in the menu. Then go on a video call and wish her in the most unique way. Send her a playlist with her favourite songs and order flowers online.  You can send her to a surprise birthday dinner with her friends to her favourite restaurant where you can plan and arrange everything in advance. Girlfriends love gestures like these from their loved ones.



A weekend getaway


A special birthday plan calls for a great weekend trip. Head over to a nice serene destination and book an AirBnB bungalow just for you and your girlfriend. Barbecue under open air and breath in all the fresh air. Spend ample amounts of time in the jacuzzi and pool. This will also ensure you to spend some good quality time with your girlfriend and make her happy.



Decorate the room with rose petals, balloons and candles


Plan a surprise birthday party for your girlfriend and decorate her room with some rose petals and balloons taking the help of her friends. Make it more romantic by lighting up the room with candles. There are lots of options in online flower delivery in mumbai from where you can order these roses. A party with her friends planned by you from a distant place will surely make her feel special every way. 


A special music concert


If your girlfriend is a music aficionado then you can arrange a professional guitarist who would play all the favourite songs of your girlfriend and make it one memorable birthday. Plan it in such a way that as she soon as she enters the house, you let the guitarist play her favourite song. Surprise her with some happy birthday flowers and a nice cake by ordering them online.


Send a video with all your friends wishing her


It is the digital age and wishes over Zoom and WhatsApp video calls are common. Get in all your friends to record their small birthday wishes and send it to her on her birthday. Don’t forget to add your special message for her in the video at the end. A message like this will cheer her up.



Make a scrapbook with all memories together


A scrapbook might sound like an idea which probably one would make during school days. But a scrapbook is a great way to surprise your long distance girlfriend. Paste all the photographs and messages related to your girlfriend in this scrapbook. This will be a personal and unique surprise gift which will help her cherish all the beautiful time you both spent together. You can also buy flower bouquet online and send along with this scrapbook.



Plan a birthday countdown on social media for her


Plan a birthday countdown starting 7 days prior to her birthday with posts on social media every day on those days with a memory throwback of the time spent together. Add some witty and funny quotes along with these wishes to make her happier. On the day of her birthday, send her a gift card online with which she can purchase something nice.



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It is said that distance makes the heart grow fonder and definitely ideas like these to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday will help her feel special. Thanks to technology it is easy sending happy birthday flowers, gifts and messages from places miles away. Bloomsvilla is one such place from where you can order flowers online and various gifts for your long-distance girlfriend.

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