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How to Temporarily Fix the Broken Window Pane

Fix Broken Window Pane

When a window is broken, it’s an alarming sign to fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is a chance to the intruders to come inside the home. Security is so important- especially if you have some valuable items in your property. In this case- when the window is almost broken - you need professional emergency glaziers to help. Also, there is a chance that the mosquitoes and other disease-causing insects can enter into your home through a damaged window. Instead of waiting for someone to fix the broken window, there are some ways to temporarily fix the broken window. Again, it is not fully secured- but, will ensure the temporary security of your property. Here's how to fix your broken window pane temporarily.

Things you need:

  • Safety Gloves.
  • Scissor
  • Staple gun
  • Clear nail polish
  • Masking tape
  • Thick plastic
  • Torn pair of stockings
  • Safety precautions:
  • Wear safety gloves to avoid any cut from the broken glass pieces.
  • Do it gently and slowly.

Tips to temporarily repair the broken window:

  1. Cover the cracks:
    Wear the gloves to remove the broken glass, then carefully staple the thick plastic like a heavy-duty garbage bag onto the broken surface.
  2. Stop rain to come in:
    Use masking tape to keep rain and wind on the right side of the window. For this, cut the masking tape with a scissor to the required length, apply the tape on the two sides on the broken area.
  3. For a tiny flaw on the window:
    Sometimes, the tiny flaws on the window like a small hole, a small crack can be fixed easily. There is no need to replace the window. For the quick fix, carefully dab a bit of clear nail polish into the hole. Let it sit and dry for some time. Repeat until you build up the nail polish flush with the window surface.
  4. Prevent flies:
    To stop, cut a square shaped from a torn pair of stockings. The mesh should be larger than the hole. Apply the glue and to the mesh and place it gently over the hole in the window, and let the glue set for some time.
  5. Get help from emergency glaziers:
    There is no need to worry to fix your broken windows. There are many emergency glaziers who can take care of your broken glass and fix it in minutes.