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How To Temporarily Patch a leaky Pipe until a Plumber Arrives

It is a freaky Saturday Morning, and you have got a damaged or leaked pipe, you have water splashing everywhere. What Next?

In the meantime, you cannot cross your fingers and let water spray over the room before a professional plumber arrives. A leaky pipe can be a very challenging situation, especially when the fluid flow becomes uncontrollable. Despite that, one can adopt some control and patch measures to hold the damage until the arrival of a plumber temporarily.

Duct Tape Is Of No USe!

Leaking pipe panics everyone, and people look for anything that might help them to stop it. while you can temporarily stop the leakage using various techniques, using duct tape is not effective. The stickiness of the duct tape goes away as soon as you put it on a wet surface. But These steps aren't intended to be a permanent repair; rather, it's a rescue strategy that can buy you some time until you employ the right labour!

When There's a Leak in a Threaded Joint of a Pipe

Get a wrench and tie the leaking joint; if it does not completely stop the flow, it'll reduce the pressure of splash. Note that some older types of plumbing must be welded later to prevent further leakages. If they leak from welded joints, you may not handle it correctly because it needs an expert approach.

Use Epoxy Putty

To fill in small holes and cracks in pipes, the directions on the package of the epoxy putty will guide you. Always remember to break off some pieces of the putty and mould it in your hands for proper activation and apply it properly over the area where there's crack or hole. After some time, it will set and harden. However, if the problems are way out of your hands just call a Curl based plumbing company in Sydney's Northern Beaches to fix it for you.

Pencil Plug

Whenever you notice a hole in your pipe, sharpen a pencil properly and plug the tip of the pencil into the hole. Break the pencil stem and leave its tip stuck in the hole. It will hold the leakage long enough, for the professional plumbers to arrive and fix the problem. However, this trick would not be much help if the leakage is out of control or the damage/hole in the pipe is big enough.

Use of Garden Hose and Clamps

When there's an unexpected hole or crack, cut a piece of a garden hose at least two inches longer than the spot of damage. Carefully cut the tube lengthwise, make a wrap around the pipe, and use the hose clamps to hold the ends shut. Once you have temporarily amended a plumbing leakage, we recommend that you stop using the plumbing system in that area until a permanent repair has been made.

In case you have further reduced spills, you can fetch a bucket and place it right below to leaking spot to catch any spillage.At this point, Off Tap Plumbing is just a call away, kindly let us know about the emergency, and we will be right there to make a quality fix.

It’s Better To Get Professional Help!

Although the temporary fix would stop the leaking for a while. but it will not hold in the long run. And the more you would delay the repair & replacement of that plumbing, the more it would get worse. not just this, it would cost you a lot of money as well. So, in order to keep you out of that trouble, you should always call the professionals.

but keep one thing in mind - hire someone with sufficient experience, check their license as well as be open to them about the problem. When you work as a team with the contractor, not only you get the work done at a much faster rate, but also the outcome would always be the best.

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