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How to Trade Crypto

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The first trade almost everyone makes is a fiat to crypto trade exchanges. Depending on location and jurisdiction exchanges sell cryptocurrency for a variety of fiat currencies (USD dollar, euro, etc.). You may want to buy cryptocurrency with credit card. 

Make sure to do your research into the most reputable exchanges available in your area. Some things you should keep in mind are the reputation of the exchange, their fee, structures, and their security. 

Switchere is a safe, fast, and probably the easiest way to buy crypto with credit card. There you may use any type of card you want (bank card, debit, or credit). It can be Visa or prepaid Mastercard. The registration is easy and quick there. They will send you from their site a verification message via email.  

Make sure that you're aware of any fees the exchange will take from your transactions and how they'll keep your funds secure. We highly recommend working with exchanges that offer two-factor authentication.

Generally, you don't want your password to be the only thing protecting you from losing funds. Note that exchanges in most jurisdictions are required your identity verification. So in most cases, you won’t be able to buy est crypto, convert it, or make an exchange anonymously. 

They need to make sure you are not involved in any anti-money laundering checks. So get ready that you may have to send the exchange proof that shows who you are aka your id. 

Always check the crypto exchange credit card converter rate before you sell or purchase crypto online. You can do it instantly at the same place without wasting too much time. Look for the lowest fee to pay using different exchange pairs. 

Important Tips on Safety

It's so important to use a completely safe wallet.  A lot of people whoa re new to this may not know this. However, storing your crypto on exchanges is not the best idea. The reason for this lies behind the fact that you actually don’t own the coins that you keep on the exchange sites. And more importantly, you don’t have any control over your crypto. 

So not only does this mean you have to fully trust the exchange operators and purchase method options on their website but it also means that if the exchange was hacked you could lose all your funds.

If you don't hold the keys to your crypto you do not really own it. There is a famous saying that's repeated on numerous occasions in crypto circles. ‘Not your keys, not your crypto.’ By keeping your coins on an exchange, all you really have is a promise from that an exchange that you own a certain number of coins and nothing more. 

That's why so many crypto people talk about taking responsibility for your own crypto and taking security seriously. To take back instant control of your crypto you will need a cryptocurrency wallet. Choose it carefully. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the best way how to trade your way through online platforms. Treat your security seriously from the very beginning. 

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