If you are thinking of buying a new phone, the most painful part is what you will do with the data you gathered, or you are having on your old phone? Many people use the same phone for years and quite the thought of changing it in fear of losing its data, but now everything becomes easier, so why not save some old data?

In this article, we will tell you about some working ways to protect your old data or transfer it from the old phone to a new one.
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Android cloud service:

Google has made transferring data very easy and effortless. You can easily set up your new android device and can transfer all your data. With the help of Google cloud service, you can instantly restore approx. All your data in a few minutes. It will include apps, contacts, calendar entries, and events. The plus point is you can also migrate your wifi password, sound profiles, etc.

How to transfer data using Google:

Through this process, you can transfer apps data, wifi passwords, and contacts. There area few steps:

·        Step 1: Click on the Settings option, go to the backup or restore option, and enable it if it isn’t enabled already.

·        Step 2: Open the Google Drive app and go to the backup page by selecting the backup option from the left menu. It will be showing you a folder with your device’s name; it will contain all your older phone data.

·         Step 3: Now only you have to do is to sign in using the same Google account you used for backup and reset and click on the restore from backup option, all your old data will be easily transferred to your new phone in just a few minutes.

Transfer of media files:                                                                            

The Transfer of media files like photos and videos is like most of the critical and challenging parts because these files are quite bigger and memorable too, so can't be deleted quickly. Google is providing you the easiest way to transfer the files in only a few steps your photos and videos will be transferred from your old phones to new very quickly. 

·        Step 1: Open the Google Photos app already present in any android phone; select the device folder option given in the left hamburger menu.

·         Step 2: This folder will display all the folders of pictures and videos present in your device. Open the folder you want to backup and transfer to your new phone and then enable the backup and sync option present at the top.

·         Step 3: once the backup is finished, open your Google Photos app in your new phone and sign in with your same Google account. Now you will be having all your photos and videos files on your new phone.

Transfer other files:

Not only photos and videos or the other data mentioned above are stored in phones, but many people also have some essential formats such as PDf documents, local MP3 files, and other personal data stored in their phones. No need to worry there is a solution for this too. You can transfer these types of files using an app named "Shareit." Using this app, you can transfer your important files in few easy steps.

·        Step 1: Install this app on your phones, the old one, and in the new one.

·        Step 2: Open the app in your both phones you will see two options on the home page, select the option of sending in your old phone and receive option on your new phone.

·        Step 3: On the next page in your old phone, you will see a list of all the files you want to transfer, select the files one by one, or select them all at once.

·        Step 4: When you are done selecting, click on to the send button. Your phone will create a direct wifi network and transfer all the files as soon as possible.                                                                                               


Everyone wants to be updated even with phones. Whenever a new phone is out in the markets, many people grab it as soon as possible, but some don't just because they are afraid of losing their old data. But with the help of Google and some apps, you can transfer all kinds of files, including contacts, media, and other personal formats very quickly in a few steps. So no need to think before buying a new phone.

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