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How To Transfer Money From India to The USA Easily?

Money Transfer from India to USA

The United States of America has established itself as a land of opportunities and people from the rest of the world visit the country in droves. In fact, realizing the American dream has become the cherished life goal for many. Indians are no different in this as they make a beeline to the country to realize their dreams. Indians, like others, visit the USA for a variety of reasons such as education, jobs, tourism, medical, business etc. Furthermore, the country’s pluralist society, democratic polity, free market economy and a high standard of living are the added attractions for Indians to visit or emigrate.


However, notwithstanding the many attractions and benefits of visiting the land of opportunities, the place can be very costly as well. Thus, should any of your near and dear ones happen to visit or reside in the USA, the chances of money getting exhausted quickly are real. Does this eventuality concern you? You better not as there are plenty of ways you can send money from India to the USA. Let us discuss some of the ways.

Ways to transfer money from India to the USA

The advent of the internet has made it easy to transfer money overseas. And unlike in earlier times, you do not have to remain at the mercy of your bank anymore, for a slew of online money transfer options has become convenient, quick and secure. So, what are the various options that are available to carry out money transfer? let us find out

Wire Transfer:

This type of electronic payment transfer typically takes 3 – 5 days for the money to be deposited in the recipient’s bank account after charging an international transaction fee at the flat rate of $40. The domestic fees charged by banks to execute a wire transfer is $25. The banks usually transfer money through wire transfer by using networks such as SWIFT, Fedwire, RTGS, CHIPS and others.

Foreign Currency Demand Draft:

This is a bill of exchange whereby you can draw a demand draft in any of the commercial banks or approved financial institutions in India to be payable in US dollars. In banking parlance, it is a written order that makes it binding on one party to pay a fixed sum of money to another on demand. Thus, if you draw a foreign currency demand draft in a bank in India in Rupees, the equivalent money in US dollars can be encashed by the recipient. It is a cheaper and efficient way to send money from India to the USA since it does not encounter the usual bank routing delays.


Arguably one of the most popular methods of money transfer from India to the USA, this American company operates a global online payment system to facilitate online money transfers. You and the recipient need to create respective accounts on PayPal with Ids and passwords. The transfer of money through this route includes the payment of transaction fees and prevailing exchange rates.

Through Bank:

Nowadays most commercial banks in India offer online fund transfer through their portals. You merely need to log into your bank account and initiate the fund transfer option given there. In this method, the money gets transferred in an instant or takes a maximum of 2 – 3 hours.


Transferring money from India to any part of the world notably, the USA is easy, convenient and quick. The above mentioned options can be availed to help your near and dear ones in a foreign land with the much needed resources.

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