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How To Travel By Car In A Group And Still Stay Friends

Group traveling always sounds like a bright adventure. You expect a lot of fun from your road trip and new bright emotions. Nevertheless, traveling in a group is not just renting a car and packing. Of course, these things are important but not meaningful. There are many more things to consider and take care of when traveling in a large group. You should learn basic etiquette for group travelers to avoid causing any kind of problem to others.

Before You Go

Your road trip needs preparations. They say preparation is a passport to success. Let’s see.

  • Chat with your group

Are you a good trip planner? Even if you are not, try to always stay in touch with your group members. It would be great if you create a group chat to discuss such important rip questions as transportation, potential excursions, breakdowns, hotels. You can create a chat a week before the trip to have enough time for planning and making changes if needed.

  • Clear up the budget

It is not a secret that traveling takes a lot of money. What is the budget for your trip? It is better to learn prices for hotels, food, and car rental beforehand to draw up the most comfortable budget for all of you. Chat with your friends, talk about how expenses will be shared. It would be rather silly if you pay for everything with your own efforts.

  • Rent a car

Traveling with a group of friends, it is important to decide what car you need to rent. Actually, for a group of 10 people, you are offered to rent a minivan or a passenger van. For both vehicle types, there are many advantages you will appreciate. Car rental for 10 passengers names many interesting cars to choose from. Go online and pay beforehand to get a good sale for your car. Also, you may use sale coupons to cut the price. Minivans and passenger vans are both designed to be group-friendly vehicles. They usually come with comfortable seats, big windows, sliding doors, and much luggage space.

How to travel in a group and still stay friends

1. Keep everything clean

It is very important to keep everything clean when you are traveling side by side with many people. Planning a trip, try to map places where you can stay for rest, have a bath, brush your teeth, and maintain basic hygiene. Clean the car surfaces with sanitizer regularly and wash your hands to have a safe trip.

2. Learn manners

Even when share the road with friends you have to be polite and show basic manners. Don’t forget to greet everyone, help others. Treat your friends with humor and a good mood and you can avoid discomfort and tension between people.

3. Be positive

Whenever you go, you should stay positive. Even you are the only person with a negative opinion in the car, you can make everyone else negative as well. So, when go shopping, have dinner, talk to friends in the car, and share your opinion about something, try to avoid expressing your negative views. Nobody likes complaining and negative group mates.

4. Don’t be late

Traveling in a group dictates its own rules. Never be late. It would be rather unpleasant for your buddies to late for the excursion or miss a table in the restaurant because you never come in time. If you are late with payments, you can’t rent a car for a good price. If you are late with booking a hotel, you should hope for last-minute deals and argue with friends. Just try to remain punctual to avoid unpleasant situations.

5. Find some personal space

Traveling all together in a car can be stressful because of a lack of space. If you rent a 10-seater, you will have enough space for luggage and passengers. It is very important to give personal space to others around you. You’d better pack a pair of headphones and a sleeping mask.

Group trips are always stressful as you have to rent a car and spend most of your time side by side with others. Don’t worry! Just try to be polite and helpful. Help each other with big and small things, offer medications, make stops, and never ignore.

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