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How to Treat covid 19 at Home without getting hospitalization?

Stay Home, Stay Safe’ is the new norm as we are witnessing a surge in covid cases across the country. Covid 19 situation in India is getting deadlier day by day. The second most populated country globally, India, is facing various challenges in managing and controlling the transmission of Covid 19 among its population. With several variations and symptoms of the disease, it’s tough for the patient to recognize the symptoms and get tested. However, People of all ages should seek medical attention right away if they have a fever and/or cough accompanied by breathing trouble or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, or lack of speech or movement. If necessary, contact a healthcare provider, a hotline, or a healthcare facility first to be guided to the appropriate clinic.

To prevent public & air transmission, govt has started door-to-door testing and sample collection service. The health ministry department has permitted online home isolation consultation to corona patients with mild or no symptoms. This home isolation will help the patient get treated in a healthy environment without any Hussle.

How to seek for Online Doctor consultation - 

People infected with covid -19 are recovering quickly with online home isolation homecare packages. Symptoms can last a few days, and those infected with the virus can recover in about a week. Rest, fluid consumption and pain relievers are among the treatments used to alleviate symptoms. However, patients with severe symptoms below 92 oxygen level must contact their doctor as soon as symptoms appear. People are more likely to become critically ill with COVID-19 because of these factors, and thus, they may require proper hospitalization. A patient with mild or no symptoms can book online doctor consultation on Credihealth. The whole process includes following easy step –

A patient needs to browse Credihealth’s online web portal

Click on ‘book now’ button for online covid Consultation

Patient need to fill up all the required details 

Our in-house expert will call to confirm the details 

You will receive a confirmation for the booking 

Effectiveness of covid homecare package – 

A Patient with mild covid symptoms is considered any of the mentioned numerous signs and symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat, malaise, headache, muscle pain without shortness of breath, dyspnea, or irregular chest imaging,” according to the CDC Trusted Source.

They also say that a mild illness is treated at home. The patient should also keep track of their symptoms and inform their doctors. Through Online Doctor consultation, A doctor may advise a patient about when to go to the emergency room and which home remedies are more effective for them. Here are few benefits of getting treated with the Covid homecare package - 

  • Expert Consultation with skilled and professional Doctors
  • packages include consultations with doctors, psychiatrists, and dieticians, ensuring the overall health of the covid patient
  • A patient can avail 24*7 help with disease management
  • Easy monitoring on symptoms and health
  • Saves from Hussle free hospitalization
  • Cost-effective and avoid Burdon of hospital bills
  • better visualization of patient’s mental health in the lockdown.
  • Video consultations also help to spread of covid 19 

Get your health monitored with Credihealth’s specialists – To book online & video consultation via Credihealth’s web portal and Android app, which has associated various hospitals and doctors. Patients can book appointments online at their comfort. Patients who availed our package in their own homes, hospitals, and physicians have designated unique hours of the day for your care. A patient can also book a second option or further medical assistance through Credihealth. To Book Video consultation to get Online Doctor consultation with any health professional associated You can visit Credihealth or call on @8010-994-994 to get Medicare help with our inhouse medical experts.

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