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How to Troubleshoot Common Pentair Pool Filter Problems

Pool filters is a great Pentair pool product near me. It comes in handy and save you from a dirty pool and its consequences. However, a pool filter also can cause a lot of hassle to the owner as they need regular maintenance. Leaks, noisy pool filters and pumps, and equipment damage are some of the common problems. You might be facing some of them too. Since pool filters are indispensable, their functioning should not be interrupted.

Issues with Pool Filters

A pool owner can encounter different kinds of pool filter problems. Problems may differ depending on the kind of filter. But there are few common difficulties most pool owners have to deal with regularly.

The information regarding fixing those problems has been pulled together as follows:

Filter Media Entering the Pool

This problem occurs with most types of filters. However, it most commonly occurs with diatomaceous earth filters and sand filters.

Warning Signs

You will easily see diatomaceous earth accumulating at the bottom. You can witness it floating on the surface or your pool may also become sandy.


This can happen when the filter breaks or is worn out. This causes them to leak and allows sand to enter the pool water. Other causes are damaged O-rings, worn out filter grids, the broken valve inside the filter tank. In a few cases, it can also be caused due to the presence of excessive diatomaceous earth or excessive sand.


  1. Do a regular backwash.
  2. Open the Pentair pool filter pumps parts and inspects the inside.
  3. Replace the filter media and allow the filter to cycle a few times.
  4. Remove the inner grids and check for damages. If there is damage, replace the damaged parts immediately. You can also order new Pentair pool filter parts.
  5. Finish the cleaning process by removing all diatomaceous earth from inside. Or you can proceed to remove all the sand.
  6. Attention must be paid not to stuff the filter media inside. The quantity must be enough to keep the pressure right. You may refer to your filter manual to define the exact amount to be added.

Your Pool Filter Requires Cleaning Too Often


It affects all kinds of filter but often occurs in cartridge filters

Warning Signs

A most common sign that indicates the problem is pool water getting dirty often. It is a sign to clean your filter. Other signs are water pressure getting high after a cartridge cleaning or filter media getting dirty often.


Most commonly these problems affect large pools. Also, pools used frequently by many people are affected. The problem may also manifest due to damaged or broken filter parts. In a few cases, hard water may also cause the problem.


  1. You must keep an account of how frequently the pool is used and by how many people. If it is used by many and often, you need to upgrade.
  2. You may replace the filter media with a fresh one.
  3. Pentair pool equipment packages offer simple ways to upgrade.
  4. You can also purchase a pool filter cleaning machine to simplify the tedious filter cleaning process.
  5. Find out the specification of your pool filter and see if it is not sufficiently strong for the size of your pool. You can compare the gallons per minute (GPM) of the pool pump compared with your pool filter. Ideally, the pump must not push more water than the filter can process.

High-Pressure Filters


It is most common with sand filters but can also affect diatomaceous earth filters.

Warning Signs

The pressure gauge of your filter system must be checked. High pressure pertains to the pool filter problem. You can go through the manual to know the standard pressure of the pool filter system.


Pressure in the filter is maintained with the help of water levels, pump, and filter media. If anyone of the three is not functioning properly, it alters the filter pressure. This problem may also be caused if the filters are very filthy and need in-depth cleaning. A lot of contaminants and debris built up in the filter media can cause immense pressure issues.


  1. Inspect the filter thoroughly for any damage.
  2. Turn off the filter and do a backwash.
  3. Check for damage and leaks in lines and pumps.
  4. Using the appropriate media for filters without stuffing it. Check your manual to know the sufficient amount.
  5. Remove and replace any damaged piece if there is one. If none is present, replace the filter media with a fresh one.

There can numerous problems that can occur with pool filters. However, that shouldn’t terminate the wonderful swimming pool experience. Aquatic Solutions, Hawaii has the expertise and experience to solve all of them. They can control the situation that is serious and seem out of control. Contact takes to get the best service.

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