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How to troubleshoot Norton Security Error 3048 3?


Norton antivirus is an anti-malware program developed and distributed by Symantec corporation. Norton has been providing antivirus plans since 1991 and there are millions of happy customers of Norton antivirus. Norton has excellent device security features that ensure that your data is fully secured from all threats and cybercriminals. In terms of network security, Norton has all the advanced features and tools to keep your network secure from cyber threats. The chances of getting any error while using Norton antivirus is very less as the interface is very robust. But there are some common runtime errors reported by many Norton users. Runtime errors can appear any time but most of the errors can be easily resolved by some basic fixes. One of the common Norton errors which are reported by lots of users is Norton error 3048 3. This error mostly occurs due to some errors on your program files. But there can be various other causes which lead to this error.

Error 3048 3 appears every time you try to scan your PC

  1. You are getting the error while running a program and the error appears every time you use the same program

  2. Norton 3048 3 popped up on your screen while installing Norton antivirus

  3. Your mouse is responding very lately

  4. Your device gets freeze and Norton 3048 3 appears on the screen


Causes of Norton 3048 3 error:

  1. You have downloaded incorrect Norton file

  2. Your Norton installation gets corrupted

  3. You have another security program on the PC

  4. You have deleted Norton program files mistakenly

  5. Your registry files get corrupted

  6. Your Windows files are showing some error


Troubleshooting Norton 3048 3 error:


Check your Windows files 

If your Windows files get corrupted then you can’t use various programs on your device. So, if you want to work properly on the PC then you must fix your Windows files instantly. Editing your Windows files manually is not easy so you can use the System File Checker tool which can scan and restore all your corrupted Windows files easily. Follow the steps mentioned below for employing Windows file checker tool:

  1. Open Windows PC and type command on the search bar

  2. Press the Enter button

  3. A permission box will appear on the desktop

  4. Click on Yes button

  5. Now a command prompt will appear

  6. Type sfc/scannow 

  7. Press the Enter button

The Windows System file checker tool will run on your PC and check all your Windows files. Wait for the scanning process. Now you will get a report about the corrupted files and recovery details. Restart your computer and now try to scan your PC with Norton antivirus.


Uninstalling the program

If you are getting Norton error 3048 3 while running a certain program it means that the installed program is conflicting with your McAfee antivirus. If the program is not very crucial for your device then you should uninstall it. Here are the steps for uninstalling the program:

  1. Open your PC and go to Control Panel

  2. Click on Programs

  3. Go to Programs and Features

  4. Now you will get a list of installed items on your device

  5. Click on the program you want to uninstall from your PC

Now restart your device and check whether your Norton 3048 3 error got troubleshot or not. If you have another security software (or other Norton suite) installed on the system then you will get errors or conflict from time to time. So, before you install Norton antivirus on the PC; remove all the installed security programs.


Repair the registry files

Registry files are necessary for executing every program but if it gets corrupted then you have to face some troubles. Edit your registry files to resolve the error. But editing the registry files is not easy. You should touch the registry files only if you know the steps for repairing the registry files otherwise you should ask for professional help. If you are repairing the files manually then you should create a backup key for Norton antivirus and then edit the registry files.


Reinstall Norton antivirus

If you have downloaded or installed a corrupt Norton plan then you should consider reinstalling your Norton antivirus. You can use the Norton removal tool for uninstalling Norton antivirus. You can also remove Norton from the Control panel but sometimes Norton files get stored on the device which can create conflict later. But if you remove Norton files with Norton removal tool then Norton antivirus will fully get removed from the device and then you can easily reinstall Norton antivirus on your computer. Once you remove the Norton plan; make sure you are installing a genuine Norton plan. You should check your subscription and install Norton with the product key to ensure that your Norton product is legit.


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