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How to type in Bangla Language?

Bengali is the second widely spoken language after Hindi among the scheduled Indian languages. It is a local language in the state of West Bengal and is considered to be an easy lingo than Kannada, Marathi, and Telugu. According to the statistics, approximately 9 percent of the Indian population speaks in Bangla and is used in the offices to write emails, official texts, and other important documents. The use of Bangla is also widely established on computers as there are many good tools that support typing in this language without any fail. Now you can type text in Bengali on your laptop or computer by using several profound methods which are mention below.


Amar Bangla


It is a smart application that supports Microsoft word to type text in the Bengali language. The software is also popularly recognized as Bangla Word and has been developed, tested, and approved by the Bangla Word software society. You can download this software on your PC or laptop to type Bangla words by using vowels and constants. The developer of this tool has mapped the Bengali alphabets on the QWERTY keyboard that will provide you an ease to form text in Bangla with correct grammar and spelling. 


The Amar Bangla software is quite simple to install and run on computers with Windows XP, 10, 7, and Vista. Currently, this application is in wide use by Bengali people due to its accurate conversion and seamless execution.


Online typing


In order to create text for Microsoft word in the Bengali language, you can also use an online typing facility. There are many applications that support error-free, straightforward, and fast typing of content in Indian languages by converting the text from English to the specific lingo. You can take an example of India Typing which is online English to Bengali converter that you can run on your device. Simply download it on your desktop or android phone and type text in English by using a normal keyboard. Each word that you will type will be converted into Bangla with 100 percent precision and speed. 


The application has an in-built transliteration system that provides you with the utmost facility to type in Bangla absolutely free of cost. It will also feature to give suggestions for the right Bangla words when you type on ms-word, notepad, and on your android phone as well. 


Use translator


You can also accomplish the need to write in Bangla by using English to Bengali translator. You can find an array of such applications available on the web that can enable you to convert text from English to Bangla and from Bangla to English as well. By downloading such an app on your device, you can switch the keyboard to convert language from one to another by simply writing with the English keyboard. When you type a word and press the space bar it will automatically translate the text into Bengali, thus you need not do any effort for fulfilling your requirement to form an article, official post, and document in your mother tongue. 


ISM Malayalam


It is a popular application that has been developed by C-DAC GIST known as the center for development of advanced computing. ISM stands for Intelligent Script Manager in ISM Malayalam thus you can use this software to write in various languages like Bengali, Malayalam, Hindi, and many more. The app has been developed with Indian language fonts, so you can download it on your PC and get started to type in Bangla without any obstacle. It is the precise software that is professionally used by Bengali folks and available free of cost. 


Avro keyboard


Avro keyboard is an easy and free to download application that you can use on your Windows operating system, android, and Mac devices to write in Bangla. It is a precise tool that you can operate with a normal QWERTY keyboard. It also supports writing in the Bengali language by using Roman characters. It is an open-source application that was released in Bangladesh since it is the nation that speaks Bangla extensively. You can search the tool on Google and can download and install it on your PC to type in the magical Bengali words.  

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